Hello again~

This blog has pretty much been forgotten. I have seriously been thinking about blogging again, so maybe this will ‘break the ice’.   Any recent blogging efforts have been on Blogspot. I use the term recent loosely, as it has been over a year since I posted on there. So perhaps it is time to get back to it.

My husband and I returned home a week ago from a trip to Oregon, down into California, across Arizona, New Mexico, into Texas and then home. We were gone for a month and 2 days. It was a very enjoyable trip. We spent time with our youngest son in Salem, OR. I enjoyed being able to ‘spoil’ those 3 precious granddaughters a little bit. Sure wish they lived closer to us. We saw a lot of beautiful country. And those mountains out west…wow, they are something. I have pictures I need to share. A lot them taken through a dirty windshield, but that’s the way it is. 🙂

Time is at a premium right now so I must quit. Will do better another time. AND I will try using Live Writer instead of doing it via WP.





Short note

Still not sure if, or how much I’ll use this blog site. Especially since I’m not really in the habit of writing regularly. Yes, I could determine to change that. And, I just might. I compose lots of blog posts as I go about my day, just never seem to find time to actually type and post them.

Just discovered that I can have a full page for composing this, not just a little box. I like that. Now if I can just figure out how to enlarge the type. I’ve gone over all of the icons and not a one says a thing about font size. Just found it. 🙂 Now why would it be under paragraph?????  It appears to change an entire paragraph at once if the cursor is in it.  Perhaps it’d be best to just use Live Writer as much as possible.

Today was a beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. ..as in the 60’s.

New Blog Home

Windows Live Spaces is going away. They offered to transfer all our posts to Word Press. Not sure how much I’ll be using this. In the meantime it’s a place for all my posts to be stored for a time. Thought that was better than losing them. I also have them all in a zip file on my hard drive.

When I have some more time I’ll try to figure out how to use this. Would like to dress it up a bit. 🙂

It’s bedtime, so I’m heading that way.

Bad Eggs

Someone sent this to me, so thought I’d share.


Beautiful morning

Oh, it feels so wonderful to have a break in the heat and humidity! I tried to not complain before, although, must admit it was beginning to get to me. Suppose 2 1/2 months of 90 or above temps nearly every day can do that.

We didn’t use the ceiling fan last night …seemed kinda strange to not have it on. Even felt the need to pull up the quilt on toward morning. Now I can get used to this.

Today I plan on putting some flowers into the ground. My poor flower bed looks so pitiful that I went out looking for something to give it some color. Came home with pansies. Also found some perennials marked way down that still look pretty decent, so maybe they’ll have time to become established so they can survive the winter.

Does anyone have Plumbago, also know as Leadwort? I bought one at a Menonnite Greenhouse late spring. She told me it was an annual, but from what I can find it is a perennial. My flower books lists it as surviving in zone 5. Since we’re zone 6, I have hopes for it. It has the most beautiful blue bloom. Plus it has done well even with the heat and dryness we’ve experienced in this area. I just might cover it with mulch to help it survive.  IMG_0861


IMG_0853Here’s a couple pictures of it. Since the blue didn’t really show in the picture of the whole plant I added the small one to give you an idea. I have just enjoyed this plant so much. Might have something to do with how much I like blue.

Before the day totally gets away from me I must quit. Have a great day wherever you are.

Summer time…

Thought I’d see if I could figure out how to write a blog post again. It’s been way too long. 

Our summer has been hot and dry. We have exceeded our average of 32 days per year of 90 degrees or above. I think we’ve over 60 days. Thankfully it does cool down somewhat at night. Our garden and the flowers have pretty much dried up from it being so hot, as well as, dry. We did receive rain this week…approximately 4 inches in about 30 hours, so that will help considerable.

We went to Wisconsin the first part of June for a grandson’s (daughter’s son) graduation from High School. He is the 3rd of our grandchildren to graduate. I’m not sure who gave these children permission to grow up.

Our 11 year old granddaughter spent 6 weeks with us this summer. I’m not always sure if she comes to see us, or to play with her 4 cousins who live here. Either way, there’s usually enough time for all of us to enjoy her. This year she had the additional fun of being able to ride the resident 13 year olds horse. Her first time to ride…she thoroughly enjoyed it. Her daddy and cousin (19 year old granddaughter) came to spend 5 days with us, then take her home. Our house seemed rather on the empty side after she was gone.

Garry and I celebrated our 46th anniversary in July. We took two days and just ran around…went to antique shops, thrift stores, ate out…just enjoyed doing nothing in particular except being together. I look at that number and realize we’re almost to 50 years together. It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that we were married. Now we have 4 grown children and 11 grandchildren.

The Humming Birds have sure been busy emptying the feeder. They have been going through a quart of nectar in about a day…if I fill it in the morning it’s needs refilled by noon the next day.                      Sept 11_hummer (32)

This picture was taken in 2007, and shows exactly what it looks like this year. Since we’ve screened in the front porch there is a screen between me and them…and, of course, the camera wants to focus on the screen, so I haven’t taken any pictures. They’re like a swarm, so much fun to watch. If it wasn’t so early I’d think they were ‘tanking up’ to migrate. The last two summers we’ve had very few hummers, so are enjoying them.

This is enough for this time. I’ll try to not let it go so long in between. Even considering migrating to Blogspot like some of you have done.

Take care wherever you are.

A gift from my daughter.…

…came in the mail yesterday. She had told me via Facebook to expect a package and that she hoped I liked it. Told her that since it was from her, I was sure I would like it. Then I started wondering what she might have sent…there’s just such an enjoyment in the anticipation of receiving a package. (Also in receiving one unexpectedly as I’m sure you all know.) Of course, I kept wondering what it was. Let me tell you, there is no way I would have ever guessed.     


   It’s a Stoneware Butter Keeper. On the box it says: Butter stays fresh, soft and sweet for up to 30 days without refrigeration! It holds up to 1/2 cup. Put the softened butter into the lid/holder. Then put cold water into the base of the crock. Place the lid/holder upside down back into the crock.


Here’s the crock with butter in it. The butter goes into the water.


Still needed to put water into the base. It’s really a neat idea. Here’s a video telling about it. Must admit, I stole/borrowed this off my daughter’s blog. I was planning on sharing about this, then saw she wrote about it, so…..

 Another interesting thing about this. I had made butter yesterday, so had fresh butter to try it out. Here’s a couple butter pictures.


This is in the jar after the cream finally turned into butter. Not sure how long it took….15 to 20 minutes.  Still has the buttermilk which I poured off to save for baking. Buttermilk biscuits sound pretty good to me….will probably make those tomorrow.


Then begins the washing process. It takes several times of pouring water off and adding more before it’s clear.


 This took a few more times before I was happy with it. Then comes pressing as much water out of it as possible. Salting before starting that seems to help it give up the water easier.

Our son has 2 cows that are producing far more milk than they’re able to consume. So they are sharing with us. We have goats for our milk, but there isn’t any cream for butter without a cream separator. Did you know goat cream makes the prettiest white butter?

Then I want to share a photo of the flowers the 4 grandchildren who live next door to us gave me last week. I felt so blessed and couldn’t help but smile every time I looked at them.

IMG_0459 They’re sitting on our wood stove.

Time to quit for now. Catch you all later!

Sorry, but I can’t manage to have everything lined up as I wanted. Looks fine when I edit, then it changes and I have no clue how to fix it. Soooo…..what you see is what you get. 🙂