So much quiet!

 Our house seems so quiet! The kids left for home around 9 this morning. They should be home or be very close by now…takes 9 hours. Our concern is the weather reports from north of us…SNOW! Sure do hope they don’t have bad roads to drive on.

We had a wonderful time being together for the long weekend. On Thanksgiving, just about the time we sat down to eat, Craig called…put him on speaker phone, so we could all hear and say hello to him. Sure wish they could have been here, too.  Our meal on Thanksgiving was wonderful!!…turkey, cornbread dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries, green salad, fruit salad, pickles, cornbread muffins, pumpkin pie, and apple crisp. Oh, there was also a rice ‘dressing’. It all tasted so good and was so satisfying to serve things grown on the farm. We had so much food that there was enough left for the next day. So that meant I didn’t have to cook for Friday. That did not hurt my feelings at all. Wink

Another deer was brought to us on Thanksgiving Day. It’s bow season and this one had been taken with a crossbow. We were happy to have more meat. It’s such a blessing to have it given to us.
On Saturday we had venison roast along with potatoes, green beans,corn, and salad. Darryl had smoked some venison, so he cooked a smoked roast. Oh, was it yummy!! The non-smoked one was yummy, too. Both were so moist and tender.

It was noisy around here at times. Rather hard not to be with 8 adults and 8 children. Although, of the children, I suppose technically, 3 of them pretty much are adults. We played games…dominoes –Mexican train. That caused some of the noise, as one person checked online for rules and found some quite different from how we’ve played for years. And there were some LOUD objections!!! Once things calmed down, we did play the new (to us) way. Personally I liked it, but…there were others who didn’t. It really doesn’t matter to me, it’s just the fun of playing together. I played Scrabble with my grandson, and he beat me…can you believe that? I can, he’s one very smart boy!!

Oh, the granddaughter’s cat stayed home. That was a relief for the cat, I’m sure. And it made things easier here..just don’t think my 2 cats and dog would be real happy with another critter in their house. Oh, the dog would be fine, but the cats would be another story. Smile

I think I’ll quit for this time. Have to wonder if that sweet niece of mine ever reads this anymore. Wish she’d write more on her space.


Thanksgiving doings

Tonight we’re waiting for the kids to arrive. They were ‘caught’ in Chicago traffic, so are a bit behind where they had hoped to be.  Our daughter from Wisconsin along with her husband, two children, AND the daughter’s boyfriend are coming. Our oldest son from Illinois and his daughter were to meet them somewhere in Indiana. Then they were to park one vehicle and all ride together.  That’s a lot of precious cargo in one van! I just pray they will make it safely.

The beds are all ready! We have a small house, so we’ll be experiencing some real togetherness. Mark and Tana will be staying at the other Pifer’s…a very short distance from our house. The boyfriend and grandson will be sharing a room, also known as our living room. The granddaughter will be in here…the computer room.  Jeff and Anna will be in the guest room, that is also sewing room, play room, storage room…whatever is needed. We have air mattresses, so no one will be sleeping on a hard floor. That leaves the kitchen dining area open for the early risers. I don’t count myself to be among such people, except possibly for the next few days…stranger things have happened. Smile 

Oh, I forgot to mention, the granddaughter is bringing her cat. Something tells me that will be one very traumatized cat by the time they get here. At least that’s how my grouchy old lady cat would be. Hopefully Tillie won’t mind riding and will just be happy to be with her family.

Today I baked pumpkin pies and an apple crisp. Made some Banana Chocolate Chip muffins to have to eat in the morning…I’m not cooking breakfast tomorrow and we don’t have any boxed cereal. The muffins didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. Maybe something to do with using frozen bananas. Doesn’t matter, because they taste good…we had to sample one to be sure.

I’m going to get off here. Hope everyone have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

Another day!

The modern firearms hunting season is over for this year. It’ll be nice to have my husband here in the mornings instead of out watching for Bambi’s relative. He has gotten up early and gone out every morning for two weeks. Some of those mornings it was quite cold, so he was almost an ice cube when he came back. One morning was in mid teens and some others in the 20’s. Just seems a bit cold to be sitting out, not moving around much. He said it was mainly his toes that were so cold. He was sure bundled up good, almost hard to move. Wink I’m sure he’ll be glad to stay in here close to the fire.
Today I canned some venison. We’ve shut off our larger freezer, because of the electric rate increase, so I just didn’t have room in the small freezer for anymore meat. We do like it canned, so that works just fine. Besides it’s so convenient having it where you can just open up a jar and heat it. My version of convenience food.
Today was a beautiful day! Sunny and in the low 50’s. Rain is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning, so I did our laundry. Another result of the 20% electric rate hike, is that I’ve pretty much stopped using the dryer and hang clothes outside. Sometimes I really miss my dryer maid. BUT I do enjoy being outside…our little dog loves it, too. He just runs and runs while I’m hanging up clothes…usually teasing a cat by seeing how close he can get before she’ll chase him. It’s fun to watch! 

Just a couple things

Thought I’d come up with a little bit to write. Just in case that precious niece of mine decides to check this out. She’s my most favorite friend! Smile
Wednesday I had jury duty. It’s not something that I jump up and down with joy about doing. Here in KY, or at least in this county, we are in a jury pool for 120 days. During that time you are to be available whenever a trial is scheduled until you actually serve on a jury OR the 120 days is up. Wednesday was the 2nd time I actually went to the courthouse. Three times it was cancelled, which didn’t hurt my feelings any. Anyway, Wednesday, I was among the 18 called to start the selection process. This was a civil case, not a criminal case, so I felt more comfortable with it. And the good thing:  it was only for one day. The best part is I was selected, and because of that I won’t have to do it again for at least 2 years!!!!  It was a long day, left home before 8 am and didn’t get home until nearly 6 o’clock in the evening.
When I did get home. Noticed lights in the yard as I drove in and Darryl’s suburban almost in driveway. The guys were dressing a deer!! That husband of mine had gotten a six point buck. He was sure happy about it. Said he was heading toward the house and happened to notice a deer standing off to his right. And since it just stood there, what could he do, but shoot it. Yesterday he didn’t see any deer, nor did he see any this morning when he went out. Hunting season ends this weekend. So far we’ve had 6 deer to share three ways. We are very thankful!!

This ‘n that

It’s hard to believe another day is nearly done. How  does time go so fast?

The guys went out hunting again. They didn’t even see any of Bambi’s relatives. We would really like to have more meat, BUT will be thankful for what we do have. We still have a chance as there is another full week of modern firearms season. Then later…don’t know when…there will be a week of muzzle loader season. For the past 3-4 years venison has been our primary meat. We really enjoy it!

Today was one of those, what did I do, days. I did manage to have all the dirty dishes washed…for about 10 minutes. Tongue out  I wonder if anyone else ever experiences such a thing. It’s like there’s this law that you can’t have ALL the dishes clean at the same time. It was my fault this time, as I forgot I had planned to make soup using broth from the fridge. Don’t know why I didn’t think about it before letting the dish water down the drain. Oh, well, such is life!

The grandkids came for a while this afternoon. I read books to them. Seems that is something they always want done. Those children really have a love for books.  I’m thinking playing games some of the time would be fun…wonder what they’ll think about it?! Guess we’ll find out, probably tomorrow.

Enough for this time.

Titles aren’t easy…for me.

For some reason I have a hard time coming up with a title. I don’t always know what I may end up writing. It may be a bunch of hodgepodge talking about who knows what. Okay, I know the best thing is to write, THEN give it a title. I will try to do that from this point on.

Today has been a good day. Managed to sleep nearly 50 minutes later than normal. Then my husband cooked breakfast, something he does on Saturday morning. He fixed buckwheat pancakes and steak (venison) and eggs. It was a very good breakfast!! Not only did it taste good, but I didn’t have to cook it. He even cleaned the kitchen afterward. I could really really get used to this!!

I made a coffee cake, which we shared with the other family on the farm. Took it up to their house while it was still warm. It turned out quite good. The best part was sharing and visiting with each other. Oh, and those wonderful hugs from the children…several hugs from Naomi!!

Well, it’s late enough to call it a day. Or at least go spend some time in my easy chair. Once I start at the computer I sit here waaay too long.   Catch you all later!!

Another Day

Garry and Darryl went out hunting again this morning. They have been getting up before 5 am to go sit and hope a deer will show itself. THEN, they go back mid afternoon and do it all over again. Since venison is our main meat, I really appreciate their dedication to it. So far Darryl has gotten one and Garry none, although, he has seen some. They have all of next week to fill our freezers or canning jars. I’m planning on canning the meat from the next one. And yes, I do anticipate that there will be another one. Smile

A while ago I went into the living room to sweep the floor. There was Miss Precious sleeping on the back of the couch. She doesn’t do that very often, it’s usually the grouchy old lady cat up there. I think they enjoy being able to see out the window and watch the birds. The cats are ‘inny-outies’. I feed them inside to make sure they have a reason to come see us. I do have to watch the baby or he’ll try to chase them away…seems to think that’s what dogs are supposed to do. Now when they come to the door, I tell him to stay and he’ll usually stay back or jump into his favorite chair. Mostly jumps into the chair. I’ve been trying to teach him to stay in the chair whenever I’m sweeping, or doing something where he tries to get into the middle and create problems. He seems to be learning very well.

Yesterday evening I cooked our meal on the wood stove. We had sausage (venison, of course) gravy and biscuits, also green beans and salad. I even cooked the biscuits with the wood stove. It takes a good bit of heat to bring the oven temperature up high enough!  I’m really enjoying our new stove. Every time I use it, I save electricity. Having our rates increase by 20% has made us try not to use as much. Last month was the first bill with the increase…we managed to keep the cost the same. Our usage went from 17 units to 11 units. We were happy with that!  Now if I just knew what a unit is! Tongue out

Time for lunch…must go!