I finally decided to try out spaces. Discovered that I had ‘joined’ one time and never went beyond that…didn’t do anything to personalize my space. It’ll take me a bit to figure it all out, but….
 The reason I’m doing this now is the discovery that a dear niece, whom I love dearly has a space. She keeps telling me she loves me the most, BUT I know better. I love her  very much!!
 There is a purring kitty on my lap. Her name is Snickers. Since we brought the puppy home, she hasn’t spent a lot of time on my lap, so I’m enjoying this thoroughly. Usually there’s a black chichuahua on my lap. I do enjoy having the puppy on my lap, too, it’s just my kitties need some attention, too. 🙂
 Today has been busy. It’s hunting season…started on Saturday. So far we have had 2 deer given to us, plus Darryl (my son) shot one. So today was spent working on the processing of one and part of another. I cooked the bones from the one processed yesterday, so my part was taking meat off the bones and canning broth. Ended up with 14 quarts…9 of them are nearly half meat. Will be some wonderful soup stock for this winter. Danny will make stock from the one processed today and Anne will do the next one. We share pretty much equally between the 3 households, with a bit extra going to the larger family.
 Okay, I need to go pop some corn. We’re having that to eat tonight. We ate lunch quite late, so that will be all we need. Probably with a glass of milk. Oh, forgot to mention I also made butter today. :))

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