Another Day

Garry and Darryl went out hunting again this morning. They have been getting up before 5 am to go sit and hope a deer will show itself. THEN, they go back mid afternoon and do it all over again. Since venison is our main meat, I really appreciate their dedication to it. So far Darryl has gotten one and Garry none, although, he has seen some. They have all of next week to fill our freezers or canning jars. I’m planning on canning the meat from the next one. And yes, I do anticipate that there will be another one. Smile

A while ago I went into the living room to sweep the floor. There was Miss Precious sleeping on the back of the couch. She doesn’t do that very often, it’s usually the grouchy old lady cat up there. I think they enjoy being able to see out the window and watch the birds. The cats are ‘inny-outies’. I feed them inside to make sure they have a reason to come see us. I do have to watch the baby or he’ll try to chase them away…seems to think that’s what dogs are supposed to do. Now when they come to the door, I tell him to stay and he’ll usually stay back or jump into his favorite chair. Mostly jumps into the chair. I’ve been trying to teach him to stay in the chair whenever I’m sweeping, or doing something where he tries to get into the middle and create problems. He seems to be learning very well.

Yesterday evening I cooked our meal on the wood stove. We had sausage (venison, of course) gravy and biscuits, also green beans and salad. I even cooked the biscuits with the wood stove. It takes a good bit of heat to bring the oven temperature up high enough!  I’m really enjoying our new stove. Every time I use it, I save electricity. Having our rates increase by 20% has made us try not to use as much. Last month was the first bill with the increase…we managed to keep the cost the same. Our usage went from 17 units to 11 units. We were happy with that!  Now if I just knew what a unit is! Tongue out

Time for lunch…must go!


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