Titles aren’t easy…for me.

For some reason I have a hard time coming up with a title. I don’t always know what I may end up writing. It may be a bunch of hodgepodge talking about who knows what. Okay, I know the best thing is to write, THEN give it a title. I will try to do that from this point on.

Today has been a good day. Managed to sleep nearly 50 minutes later than normal. Then my husband cooked breakfast, something he does on Saturday morning. He fixed buckwheat pancakes and steak (venison) and eggs. It was a very good breakfast!! Not only did it taste good, but I didn’t have to cook it. He even cleaned the kitchen afterward. I could really really get used to this!!

I made a coffee cake, which we shared with the other family on the farm. Took it up to their house while it was still warm. It turned out quite good. The best part was sharing and visiting with each other. Oh, and those wonderful hugs from the children…several hugs from Naomi!!

Well, it’s late enough to call it a day. Or at least go spend some time in my easy chair. Once I start at the computer I sit here waaay too long.   Catch you all later!!


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