Another day!

The modern firearms hunting season is over for this year. It’ll be nice to have my husband here in the mornings instead of out watching for Bambi’s relative. He has gotten up early and gone out every morning for two weeks. Some of those mornings it was quite cold, so he was almost an ice cube when he came back. One morning was in mid teens and some others in the 20’s. Just seems a bit cold to be sitting out, not moving around much. He said it was mainly his toes that were so cold. He was sure bundled up good, almost hard to move. Wink I’m sure he’ll be glad to stay in here close to the fire.
Today I canned some venison. We’ve shut off our larger freezer, because of the electric rate increase, so I just didn’t have room in the small freezer for anymore meat. We do like it canned, so that works just fine. Besides it’s so convenient having it where you can just open up a jar and heat it. My version of convenience food.
Today was a beautiful day! Sunny and in the low 50’s. Rain is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning, so I did our laundry. Another result of the 20% electric rate hike, is that I’ve pretty much stopped using the dryer and hang clothes outside. Sometimes I really miss my dryer maid. BUT I do enjoy being outside…our little dog loves it, too. He just runs and runs while I’m hanging up clothes…usually teasing a cat by seeing how close he can get before she’ll chase him. It’s fun to watch! 

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  1. Hi Connie. Thanks for visiting. There\’s nothing like the smell of fresh air in sheets and pillow cases when hung out. I\’d love to do that but with my muscle disease I can\’t. I\’ve never canned meat. Afraid to I guess. One thing I can say is the new energy efficient lightbulbs really do save money. Our electric bill went down quite a bit. We just got a couple now for outdoor yard lights so we\’ll save even more. Have a great week my friend! Come back and visit. I invited you as a friend.Toodie

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