Thanksgiving doings

Tonight we’re waiting for the kids to arrive. They were ‘caught’ in Chicago traffic, so are a bit behind where they had hoped to be.  Our daughter from Wisconsin along with her husband, two children, AND the daughter’s boyfriend are coming. Our oldest son from Illinois and his daughter were to meet them somewhere in Indiana. Then they were to park one vehicle and all ride together.  That’s a lot of precious cargo in one van! I just pray they will make it safely.

The beds are all ready! We have a small house, so we’ll be experiencing some real togetherness. Mark and Tana will be staying at the other Pifer’s…a very short distance from our house. The boyfriend and grandson will be sharing a room, also known as our living room. The granddaughter will be in here…the computer room.  Jeff and Anna will be in the guest room, that is also sewing room, play room, storage room…whatever is needed. We have air mattresses, so no one will be sleeping on a hard floor. That leaves the kitchen dining area open for the early risers. I don’t count myself to be among such people, except possibly for the next few days…stranger things have happened. Smile 

Oh, I forgot to mention, the granddaughter is bringing her cat. Something tells me that will be one very traumatized cat by the time they get here. At least that’s how my grouchy old lady cat would be. Hopefully Tillie won’t mind riding and will just be happy to be with her family.

Today I baked pumpkin pies and an apple crisp. Made some Banana Chocolate Chip muffins to have to eat in the morning…I’m not cooking breakfast tomorrow and we don’t have any boxed cereal. The muffins didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. Maybe something to do with using frozen bananas. Doesn’t matter, because they taste good…we had to sample one to be sure.

I’m going to get off here. Hope everyone have a happy Thanksgiving!!!


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  1. Reading this I got all excited for you as it\’s a 9 hr drive for me to go home to WI.I bypass Chicago big time…ha haa. Oh the make shift and mattress\’s, such fun. Yourmenu sounds great! And even a cat Ha haa to throw into the mix. Have your camera readyfor pictures of this memorable occasion. God bless you and your family. Thankyou for beingmy friend also.Toodie from Missourah…where the men are handsome the women purty an young\’ins well behaved

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