Prayers Needed!!

This week I received an email from a former coworker, who also has become a good friend. She has great concerns for her youngest granddaughter, Lilly, who is 8 months old. I’ll insert portions of Bonnie’s emails as well as give a little more information.

***** Connie                                                                                                                                                                                        
Just need a friend to talk to my sister inlaw called me today and
informed me of bad news! She told me that the baby Lillys father may
take custody of this little girl feburary of next year. This man has
repeatly beat the snot out of Krystal and does drugs and is just a low
life. ALL I could ask is please have as many people as you know to pray
for this child to stay in my brothers home.PLEASE PLEASE help this poor
child with you prayers GOD will  help us as long as we pray for him to
do so.


Her daughter has 3 children, all by the same man. Early on after the first little girl was born he nearly killed her, as well as beat the mother severely. The grandparents, my friend and her husband, were able to be the guardians or have custody, however it works, of the little girl at that time. I think they had to jump through a lot of hoops to accomplish that. Then there was a second child, as a result of rape by this man….I think one of those, how do you prove it situations. Anyway to make a long story short, the grandparents have adopted the oldest two children. And Bonnie’s brother and his wife have the youngest, Lilly.
This is the latest email:

Lilly is about 8 mos. old The father has taken some sort of class to make him a
better parent ha ha. He took domestic violence classes while he was in jail for
beating krystal up while she was still pregnant with Lilly. Krystal is in
classes and therapy but this can take months. The DCFS is talking about giving
this poor child to him in Feb of 2009. Our attorney is appalled and just doesn’t
know how this could happen. On top of  the low life hitting my daughter he has
also flunked several drug tests and is known to have a drug problem.My brother
and his wife our so upset that they just don’t know what to do. All I can ask
that we can get as many people to pray for our Lilly and that god stops this
from happening. God bless you for trying to help this child!


I know all of your prayers would be greatly appreciated. This is a family hurting badly at the thought of this man having custody of that little girl…especially based on how he treated his first child and his beating the mother.

Thank you all very much!!


Toodie is…

right, I didn’t tell you about any of my treasure I found. Sorry about that. I found 4 things that were within my price range and that I liked…both very important considerations. Smile At one store we walked in and were told all miscellaneous …meaning other than clothes or jewelry…were 50% off. My daughter (in-law) found a cloth covered basket that she said ‘looked like me’…it was blue. I thought it would look nice on the bathroom counter (it does). At same store I found a glass cutting board with blue on it. At half off, the two together were less than the original price of the basket.  At the next store, I found a decorative coffee grinder, again with blue….it will sit on top of the cabinets in the kitchen.  Plus a glass jar for storage. In case you haven’t figured it out…blue is my favorite color!

My daughter (in-law) found several things. I’m not sure I can remember them all. Smile  She found several of the Emilie Loring books mentioned before. Also, an enamel container with Sundry written on it that she wanted for her bathroom. A hairdryer, socks, lace curtains, a frame, a picture for their bathroom and pink flannel sheets for their 2 year old daughter. Also 3 transfer ware plates…blue and white. And I’m sure there were more things, but they just aren’t coming to mind.

It was a fun day and one we hope to repeat before too terribly long.

Treasure hunting…. something my daughter (in-law) thoroughly enjoys. She is so good at finding treasures, far better than me. Yesterday, in spite of the wind and rain, we went treasure hunting. We both really needed a day away from the farm to see that, yes, there really is a world out there. To begin with we stopped by The Village Shop in our small town. Anne knew they had had some Emilie Loring books and wanted a chance to buy whatever they might still have. Sure enough, there were still several. Next we drove about 20 miles to a larger town…we are not close to any large town. There, our first stop was Sandi’s Place. a resale shop that usually has really nice things for decent prices. Both of us found some treasures there. Rarely have I walked out of that shop empty handed. From there we stopped at every thrift and antique shop we know about…that happened to be open… and we felt there was a chance they would have something to fit our budget, aka cheap. There was Second Impressions, an Art and Antiques Gallery, and the Country Shack. Also, Everything Under the Sun, and the usual ones like Salvation Army and Goodwill. Plus we went to Walmart…seems there’s always something we need from there, even though we’d like to avoid that place. Oh, and we also stopped by Pa’s Pantry.. which is a grocery salvage store. All in all we had a very profitable day. As I’m sure you know, it takes time to properly look for treasure in those places, so we were gone most all day. Next time I’m hoping for a sunny day, although, the rain sure didn’t slow us down any. We are already looking forward to a treasure hunt on another day!! Smile

Wood stove

It’s a beautiful sunny day here. Somehow that makes it seem warmer than it actually is…30 degrees. It’s another day to not wander too far from the stove. For those who don’t know, we heat with wood, andthis winter are doing the bulk of our cooking on the wood stove. I had wanted a wood cookstove for at least two years…this summer my husband decided it was time. We had not been totally happy with our other stove…decided it had definitely not been designed by someone who ever actually used a wood stove. I’ve tried to not complain too much, as it did keep us warm. One frustration was I couldn’t even put a pot of soup on it to cook. Years ago, as in 20 or more, we had a wood stove that was made in such a way I could cook beans, soup, or a roast on top…especially on super cold days when we needed to keep it ‘fired’ up. So that was something I wanted to do when we went back to heating with wood. And for 4 years I hadn’t been able, oh, am I enjoying it! Even have been using the oven to bake biscuits and cornbread. Haven’t been brave enough to bake my bread in it…maybe one of these days.

It seems that I may have just figured out how to find my space without a whole lot of trouble. For one thing, I actually bookmarked it. And another I finally, or at least think I have, figured out how to find it from someone else’s space. How did something that seemed so simple become so complicated??? BUT it is okay….it works.     

Not much!

  Thought I’d see if I could write a thing or two. Then I think it’s about bedtime. Sleepy  It’s just made me tired trying to find my space. Seems nothing worked like it should, although I could find the other Spaces I have bookmarked with no problem. But finding mine…grrrrr!  As you can see I finally did find it, altho, not without frustration. Hope I can find it next time.
  Last time I mentioned the kids on their way home and us being concerned about the weather. Weather didn’t happen to be the issue. It was traffic! It took them 14.5 hours to make what should have been a 9 hour trip. As my daughter said on her blog: 
I think every Mo and Ron in the country was out on the road and every single one of them was driving way too slowly, or stopping, in front of us.’   I really feel badly that it took them so long. Wonder when, if ever, they’ll be willing to come again. Sad   We’ll be going up there for the granddaughter’s graduation in about 5 months, so we’ll see what happens after that….have to be positive.
  Today has been a windy, altho, warm day…in the mid 50’s and some sunshine.  It’s always nice when I can open a window. Tomorrow promises to be much colder…as in mid 30’s.  That’s a bigger drop in temps than I enjoy.
  Well, I need to get off here. I washed sheets today and still haven’t made the bed…they should smell wonderful after being dried outside.