Not much!

  Thought I’d see if I could write a thing or two. Then I think it’s about bedtime. Sleepy  It’s just made me tired trying to find my space. Seems nothing worked like it should, although I could find the other Spaces I have bookmarked with no problem. But finding mine…grrrrr!  As you can see I finally did find it, altho, not without frustration. Hope I can find it next time.
  Last time I mentioned the kids on their way home and us being concerned about the weather. Weather didn’t happen to be the issue. It was traffic! It took them 14.5 hours to make what should have been a 9 hour trip. As my daughter said on her blog: 
I think every Mo and Ron in the country was out on the road and every single one of them was driving way too slowly, or stopping, in front of us.’   I really feel badly that it took them so long. Wonder when, if ever, they’ll be willing to come again. Sad   We’ll be going up there for the granddaughter’s graduation in about 5 months, so we’ll see what happens after that….have to be positive.
  Today has been a windy, altho, warm day…in the mid 50’s and some sunshine.  It’s always nice when I can open a window. Tomorrow promises to be much colder…as in mid 30’s.  That’s a bigger drop in temps than I enjoy.
  Well, I need to get off here. I washed sheets today and still haven’t made the bed…they should smell wonderful after being dried outside.

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  1. Aha! I found you Connie. The worst thing about this new spaces is not being able to tell quickly when a friend has updated.It is very cold here today, the windchill was 2 degrees when I got up this morning. I really hate the winter.To go to your own space, just click on your profile page and in the left hand column click on space and that will take you to your space.Your kids will be back to see you, don\’t worry about that. I really miss my kids after they have been here and I can\’t wait for the telephone call that lets me know they got back home safely.

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