Wood stove

It’s a beautiful sunny day here. Somehow that makes it seem warmer than it actually is…30 degrees. It’s another day to not wander too far from the stove. For those who don’t know, we heat with wood, andthis winter are doing the bulk of our cooking on the wood stove. I had wanted a wood cookstove for at least two years…this summer my husband decided it was time. We had not been totally happy with our other stove…decided it had definitely not been designed by someone who ever actually used a wood stove. I’ve tried to not complain too much, as it did keep us warm. One frustration was I couldn’t even put a pot of soup on it to cook. Years ago, as in 20 or more, we had a wood stove that was made in such a way I could cook beans, soup, or a roast on top…especially on super cold days when we needed to keep it ‘fired’ up. So that was something I wanted to do when we went back to heating with wood. And for 4 years I hadn’t been able to...now, oh, am I enjoying it! Even have been using the oven to bake biscuits and cornbread. Haven’t been brave enough to bake my bread in it…maybe one of these days.

It seems that I may have just figured out how to find my space without a whole lot of trouble. For one thing, I actually bookmarked it. And another I finally, or at least think I have, figured out how to find it from someone else’s space. How did something that seemed so simple become so complicated??? BUT it is okay….it works.     


4 Responses

  1. A wood stove, that brings back memories of when I was a child. There is something comforting about a wood stove. I am still plowing my way through all of the changes.

  2. Hi…I came to your space tonight by way of Beth Marie\’s space. I saw your Blog about the woodstove and knew I would have to read it. I also have a wood stove. It isn\’t exactly a "cookstove", but I could cook on top of it if I had to. We use it mainly to heat our home. Enjoyed the great read !! Sunee 🙂

  3. Brings back memories of m-in-l always using a wood stove and cooking pinto beans and cornbread, so good. I grew up w/ a small coal heater and loved the glowing red belly sitting in the dark waiting for Gr-Dad to get home from work. Thanks for the memories,

  4. Just finished reading all your blogs and thoroughly enjoyed it, God-willing, I\’ll be back. I put mine on favorites so I can find \’ME"…lol

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