Treasure hunting…. something my daughter (in-law) thoroughly enjoys. She is so good at finding treasures, far better than me. Yesterday, in spite of the wind and rain, we went treasure hunting. We both really needed a day away from the farm to see that, yes, there really is a world out there. To begin with we stopped by The Village Shop in our small town. Anne knew they had had some Emilie Loring books and wanted a chance to buy whatever they might still have. Sure enough, there were still several. Next we drove about 20 miles to a larger town…we are not close to any large town. There, our first stop was Sandi’s Place. a resale shop that usually has really nice things for decent prices. Both of us found some treasures there. Rarely have I walked out of that shop empty handed. From there we stopped at every thrift and antique shop we know about…that happened to be open… and we felt there was a chance they would have something to fit our budget, aka cheap. There was Second Impressions, an Art and Antiques Gallery, and the Country Shack. Also, Everything Under the Sun, and the usual ones like Salvation Army and Goodwill. Plus we went to Walmart…seems there’s always something we need from there, even though we’d like to avoid that place. Oh, and we also stopped by Pa’s Pantry.. which is a grocery salvage store. All in all we had a very profitable day. As I’m sure you know, it takes time to properly look for treasure in those places, so we were gone most all day. Next time I’m hoping for a sunny day, although, the rain sure didn’t slow us down any. We are already looking forward to a treasure hunt on another day!! Smile

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  1. Oh boy that sounded like fun! I\’d love to go with ya next time. Now ya didn\’t share what treasures you got! I want to head to two tomorrow. Don\’t have many round here. Hope you have a great weekend!

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