Toodie is…

right, I didn’t tell you about any of my treasure I found. Sorry about that. I found 4 things that were within my price range and that I liked…both very important considerations. Smile At one store we walked in and were told all miscellaneous …meaning other than clothes or jewelry…were 50% off. My daughter (in-law) found a cloth covered basket that she said ‘looked like me’…it was blue. I thought it would look nice on the bathroom counter (it does). At same store I found a glass cutting board with blue on it. At half off, the two together were less than the original price of the basket.  At the next store, I found a decorative coffee grinder, again with blue….it will sit on top of the cabinets in the kitchen.  Plus a glass jar for storage. In case you haven’t figured it out…blue is my favorite color!

My daughter (in-law) found several things. I’m not sure I can remember them all. Smile  She found several of the Emilie Loring books mentioned before. Also, an enamel container with Sundry written on it that she wanted for her bathroom. A hairdryer, socks, lace curtains, a frame, a picture for their bathroom and pink flannel sheets for their 2 year old daughter. Also 3 transfer ware plates…blue and white. And I’m sure there were more things, but they just aren’t coming to mind.

It was a fun day and one we hope to repeat before too terribly long.


4 Responses

  1. I would love to have been along for this.

  2. Oh goodie a picture of your treasures! Oooo I like the blues. They all look in such excellent condition too. Next time take Ramblin and the Toodster along ok? We\’d have a hoot of a time. I just went to a second hand store yesterday. I\’ll put a pic on my blog tomorrow of my finds. hee hee. Have a good snuggly night! See ya tomorrow!

  3. I\’m glad to you enjoying shopping with your daughter in law which I \’m doing very well with my two( Two son\’s) daughter in laws that makes easy for me to talked about your family …My Sis! (Ramblin) has a lots of experience with that type of shops….

  4. It would have been fun having you all along…more eyes to find more treasures. 🙂

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