Blue Glass

This past week my daughter-in-law and I did some more ‘shopping’. For quite a while we have both wanted to go to an antique shop that’s open only Sunday afternoon…because of gasoline prices and various other reasons we just couldn’t justify making a trip for only that reason. Anyway, we finally decided to go, after all gas prices have gone down (altho, they seem to be increasing again)…besides we’ve come to realize it does us a lot of good to have some time away from the farm…even a couple hours. At the antique shop everything was 1/2 price with the exception of a child’s desk. Now me, I look for blue wherever I go…I did mention that blue is my favorite color, didn’t I? There was a beautiful dish with a lid for $6 that I had decided I wanted to buy, altho, I left it sitting on the shelf at the time. When we had finished looking I went to get it, then while walking through the aisle, saw another one that I had totally missed seeing. Terrible, huh? I had looked at the plates next to it and just totally overlooked it. Anyway, it was a richer blue and didn’t take me any time at all to realize it was the one for me. Smile

Then Tuesday we got really adventuresome and went between 40 and 50 miles from home to Campbellsville to the Peddler’s Mall. The Mall is in a large building with lots of booths set up…some new things, some antiques, some junk, and a lot of stuff in between. Anne found a transferware plate and some odds and ends. I found blue glass dishes, well, really Anne saw them first, then handed them to me. Two small dishes together, both blue glass. I also found a 1 quart Revere ware pan. With just 2 of us, a lot of times a 1 quart pan is all I need...especially for left overs so they’re in something ready to be reheated.

Before we even got to Campbellsville, Anne saw a sign for an Antique Shop, so we stopped. In there I found a blue glass relish plate. It wasn’t that I didn’t have relish plates, I just didn’t have a blue one. I’ll give away a plain glass one to make room for it. Wink

We came home a different way and discovered an Antique Shop in Greensberg. I enjoyed looking, but didn’t buy anything there. I always find it fun to look, brings back memories from my childhood. As well as, those, oh, wow, it’s worth that much…I used to have one.   Anne found a small vase and some Victorian magazines she didn’t have.

We had a good time and are glad we took a day off!

Wanted to share a picture of my blue glass:


5 Responses

  1. The dishes are beautiful! Blue is my favorite color too. I think you did a great job of shopping.

  2. Oh the dishes are beautiful! I have a collection of pink. Sounded like lots of fun!

  3. They are really beautiful. My neighbor has blue willow something or other and lots of it. I on the other hand, have microwave dishes. LOL Actually, I did have beautiful dishes I collected but last summer I gave them to one of my daughters because I never used them and just looked. She and her family use them daily and really enjoy them….

  4. I\’m glad fornd what you wanted that\’s beautiful dishes, I remember your son\’s used to like the yellow colors?Enjoy your day,Michiko

  5. those are sure pretty. I too am collecting thengs form my childhood. The termalware glasses, bowls and cups as well as the aluminum (can\’t say it – can\’t spell it) drinking glasses that were different colors.

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