Project 365

The first of the year our youngest son wrote a blog about Project 365…where he would take at least one picture each day. His dad and I decided to join him in this. That way we all can encourage each other to keep up with it. Today marks day 25. I’ve found that I don’t stop with just one photo. One day I took 147 just around here. A good part of those were trying to capture a really good picture of the birds that frequent our feeders in the back of our house. They are such fast moving little creatures…a continuing challenge. I set the tripod up at the back door and shoot through the glass of the storm’s been too cold to be outside waiting for that perfect shot. Of course, I’m still waiting for that perfect shot. Wink

So after we started taking all these pictures, the question was…what are we going to do with them? Do we share them somehow, or just have them on our computer? What should be done with them? Two of our children have web albums and share a number of their pictures. I decided I would also like to share my pictures.  

It’s been a challenge to come up with something to photograph each day, but it’s also been fun. And hopefully it will also be a good learning tool so I can take good pictures.  I want to get beyond point and shoot.

Now for the next 340 days…one day at a time. Smile


3 Responses

  1. What a great idea!

  2. Your bird pictures are really good.

  3. A picture of the day and a comment of the day. That would make a cool scrapbook for the year. Very cool idea project 365!

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