Update on blog…

requesting prayers for a custody situation.   There isn’t a whole lot to report. My friend’s brother and his wife have hired a lawyer trying to slow down the process hoping the father will show his violent temper in the court. This man has brutally beat the mother of his children, plus nearly killed his oldest child.  At this time he has unsupervised visits twice a week with 9 month Lilly.  The next court date is February 24.

So please keep this little girl in your prayers. 


3 Responses

  1. Prayers for this baby that God will keep her safe in His care.

  2. My heart goes out to that baby and I pray the situation is all corrected… I visited your Picaso photo site mentioned on your previous blog. You have some fabulous photos. I couldn\’t comment but my favorites were the single on Naomi the shot of the 3 kids together very special photo. Also the moon the Iris and cardinal. But my amazing shot was the chrystal strings . That is simple stunning.

  3. I think these days whole over the world people are mad ,my thoughts are with the baby.The last two days many people died from really horrible bush fires and some people had lost their homes.I hope your days has been a good one,Michiko

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