Weather, books and daffodils

It’s been a while. Seems I just don’t take the time to write on here like I should. We have had some nice weather to where we didn’t have to keep much fire in the stove. I even had windows open a couple days. Last night we had a pouring rain with thunder and lightening…had one half inch of rain. This morning when we went into town it was really misty, didn’t quite qualify as rain. Along with the rain has come cooler temperatures. And snow in the forecast for Saturday night…just doesn’t seem right somehow. Especially since the daffodils have started blooming. I knew they were growing and had buds, but the blooms took me by surprise yesterday. A very nice surprise, I must say.

After reading what Beth Marie said about books by Phillip Margolin, I just had to try one. So about 3 weeks ago I checked 2 out of the library. Had to get 2, because if I liked them, then I would want another one right away. Smile Besides I can’t just check one book out of the library.  Anyway, the first Phillip Margolin I read was Gone, But Not Forgotten.  I really enjoyed it, so was glad I had a second one to read right away. Since then I’ve read 2 more and checked another 2 out today. I’m really glad Beth Marie mentioned reading and enjoying his books.

Daffodils in my backyard.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Connie~Loved the pic of your daffodils. THat is one of my FAV flowers. I don\’t have any planted, we have trouble with the gophers eating my underground flower bulbs. Well have a good weekend. Take Care~ Sunee

  2. Beautiful daffodils!I am so glad you are enjoying the Margolin books. I think he is an awesome writer.

  3. The spring time come soon! Beautiful daffodils and all flowers are nice.

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