Granny Air Bag

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Something else to share. :)

I receive a regular email from Dr. Mercola. In it he has health related links and some fun things, as well.
I’m sure some of you are familiar with him and may have already seen this little video.  The next thing is for me to figure out how to embed it where I want it to be. Smile

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Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful sunny day. We have had several days of grey, drizzly, weather. Yesterday afternoon the sun finally broke through. Oh, did it feel good! I’ve found I’m so much more energetic when it’s sunny. Today I’m doing laundry and hanging it outside. Usually do it on Monday, but put it off because of the promise of sunshine. Love the smell of line dried clothes.

In my last post I mentioned the grandchildren would probably go barefooted the next day, as it was to be close to 70F.  The 5 year old didn’t disappoint, he came down here barefooted, then informed me it was too hot to wear shoes.  I think it was 68 at that time. Yes, it was warm, but the ground is cold and damp. It’s about 200 feet between our houses, so he wasn’t out too long. I’m sure it didn’t hurt him at all.

I’ve been enjoying watching birds during the winter. Here of late, I’ve noticed a change in the ones visiting the feeders. A couple days ago the finch population thinned down. I’m sure we had 30 or more for a while, now I see them rarely. Another week and we’ll have more. It seems to happen every spring and fall….we have a week or two with almost none, then they show up again. I suspect some migrate further north and others that have been further south come here. I’ve been seeing and hearing the Mourning Doves. Robins have been around. 
This is a Brown-headed Cowbird. Their sound makes me smile. They are a parasitic bird, laying their eggs in another bird’s nest. Some birds reject cowbird eggs, but most raise
them, even to the exclusion of their own young. 

Saw this male Downy woodpecker Sunday morning. He was just sitting there real still. I’ve seen them do that before. I suspect there was some danger and not moving was his way to not be seen. At the time all the other birds were gone, so I feel something must have startled them all.

I take bird pictures through the glass of our storm door. With the temps warming up I’ll be trying for more outside.

Here’s another picture I want to share. Again taken through my back door.
A couple finches squabbling while the one to the left gets all the food. These little guys are so territorial.

It’s time to hang out the last load of laundry, so I need to get.

Another day…

…closer to spring. It felt like spring here today. We had sunshine and temperatures in the 50’s…was just lovely. The grandchildren were outside playing without coats. I even went outside a few times without mine on.. Smile  Tomorrow is to be in the 60’s, so I won’t be surprised if at least one of the grandchildren is outside barefooted. Their thermostats don’t work quite like mine does.

Finished off 7 more pints of maple syrup. The sap was running today, so they collected more this afternoon. Garry says they should be able to collect more tomorrow, then that will probably be it for this year. If I understand correctly, the nights have to be freezing or below, then warm up to 40F or so to cause the sap to flow.

Sunee, my husband wrote about maple syrup on his blog. That might help answer some of your questions. I’m wondering, are there maple trees in NM? I don’t remember seeing very many when we lived in CA, plus the weather there wouldn’t have been conducive to sap flowing like it does here. We’ve only done this within the past 5 years.

Since I’m already talking about syrup. That sweet husband of mine offered to make pancakes tonight. Of course, I took him up on it. Smile  So we had buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup from this year. Now that was some good eating.

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one having problems with alerts. Not that I’m happy we aren’t getting them, it just means I didn’t mess up. It’s sad that the changes make it harder to keep up with each other. Have to wonder who, if anyone, they (the changes) benefited. Oh, well…..

I wonder…

…does anyone else have problem receiving alerts? I have signed up for several and have yet to receive any. It is very frustrating. Even on ‘What’s New with My Network’, what you all are doing doesn’t show up, except when you comment on other blogs. Rarely does it show up when someone within my network adds a new blog. I’ve checked my settings and can’t figure out why it’s this way. So if anyone has any answers, I would sure appreciate them. Smile

It was another sunny day. It was still a bit chilly, don’t believe it got above freezing. I’m so ready for spring, to see the trees begin to leaf out. My lilac bush has buds, so that was exciting to see. And, of course, the daffodils are blooming.
Today I finished another pan of maple sap. Ended up with 6 pints of syprup this time…makes a total of 11 pints. Right now there’s more on the stove, I suspect it will be another 5 or 6 pints worth. They were not able to collect sap today, still too cold. Tomorrow is to be warmer, so the guys will go collect sap in the afternoon. Then on Thursday they will probably go back to Gill’s to boil/evaporate more down. It takes a lot of time, but, oh, does it taste wonderful on pancakes or waffles.


Today has been….

…..cold.  I don’t believe we ever got above freezing. What made it seem not so bad was sunshine. Isn’t it amazing how sunshine just seems to make things seem alright during the winter? Tonight is to be another cold night…in the teens. Then tomorrow in the 40’s…that’s Fahrenheit.

This morning I finished up the maple syrup from yesterday. Ended up with 5 and a half pints. The half pint went into the fridge to be used and the others will go into the pantry. And now there’s another batch on the wood stove. The guys went over to Gill’s again today and cooked down some more sap. They’ll be going back tomorrow to do more. It’s something that takes time. They weren’t able to collect any sap today, as it was so cold the sap didn’t run.  Hopefully the sap will run tomorrow.

I, also baked bread today. When our children were growing up I used to bake all of our bread. It was just something I did. Once in a while we’d have store bought bread, just not very often. I had a bread machine for several years….3 different ones. Two quit and the 3rd one just didn’t seem to make decent bread, so I went back to making it the old fashioned way. Smile  With just two of us we don’t use a lot of bread, so it’s not that big a deal to make it.
Fresh wholewheat bread

No snow

We didn’t receive the snow that was in the forecast for last night. That didn’t hurt my feelings one little bit. Although, I did feel bad for the grandchildren that they couldn’t go sledding, as it’s something they really enjoy. They were in North Carolina visiting cousins the last time it snowed…a week or so ago…and missed out on sledding. Somehow I think their visiting cousins was more important than playing in the snow.

Today, my son and husband went to a friend’s house to collect maple sap. And, also to work on boiling it down to syrup. Our friend, Gil, has a good set-up for doing that. Here at home it would just be on our wood stove, which works, except when you have over 100 gallons at a time, it’s a bit much. They didn’t boil it all the way down intending to finish it at home. So I have a stock pot on the wood stove with maple sap, nearly syrup…estimate is 3 quarts finished syrup.  At this stage it goes pretty quickly. When it’s ready I’ll put it into jars while it’s boiling hot, then seal. Oh, that makes wonderful syrup for pancakes, waffles, or sometimes just to sweeten something and have a maple flavor. I have a pecan pie recipe that uses maple syrup instead of corn syrup….oh, is it ever good!!

Today I cut strips from nylon netting to make scrubbers. It’s take a 4 inch strip twelve yards long to make one.  The cutting is what I don’t enjoy. Smile  I decided to go ahead and cut up the entire 12 yards of netting at one time. So now the next step is crocheting them.  I just hope it’s stiff enough netting. I had some one time that was just too soft to work well. They are such handy scrubbers.