No snow

We didn’t receive the snow that was in the forecast for last night. That didn’t hurt my feelings one little bit. Although, I did feel bad for the grandchildren that they couldn’t go sledding, as it’s something they really enjoy. They were in North Carolina visiting cousins the last time it snowed…a week or so ago…and missed out on sledding. Somehow I think their visiting cousins was more important than playing in the snow.

Today, my son and husband went to a friend’s house to collect maple sap. And, also to work on boiling it down to syrup. Our friend, Gil, has a good set-up for doing that. Here at home it would just be on our wood stove, which works, except when you have over 100 gallons at a time, it’s a bit much. They didn’t boil it all the way down intending to finish it at home. So I have a stock pot on the wood stove with maple sap, nearly syrup…estimate is 3 quarts finished syrup.  At this stage it goes pretty quickly. When it’s ready I’ll put it into jars while it’s boiling hot, then seal. Oh, that makes wonderful syrup for pancakes, waffles, or sometimes just to sweeten something and have a maple flavor. I have a pecan pie recipe that uses maple syrup instead of corn syrup….oh, is it ever good!!

Today I cut strips from nylon netting to make scrubbers. It’s take a 4 inch strip twelve yards long to make one.  The cutting is what I don’t enjoy. Smile  I decided to go ahead and cut up the entire 12 yards of netting at one time. So now the next step is crocheting them.  I just hope it’s stiff enough netting. I had some one time that was just too soft to work well. They are such handy scrubbers.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Connie,Thank you for a compliments to my pictures that I need it. but I can tell you all the gardens were pretty much died from a hot weather we have had in past three month with the water restriction but the roses are very strong in the heat which was very thankful …I loved the maple syrup that I can used on the bread toast yummy.Have a great week ahead,Michiko

  2. I love real maple syrup. Enjoy yours.I am glad you escaped the snow. My sis in WV did too.

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