Today has been….

…..cold.  I don’t believe we ever got above freezing. What made it seem not so bad was sunshine. Isn’t it amazing how sunshine just seems to make things seem alright during the winter? Tonight is to be another cold night…in the teens. Then tomorrow in the 40’s…that’s Fahrenheit.

This morning I finished up the maple syrup from yesterday. Ended up with 5 and a half pints. The half pint went into the fridge to be used and the others will go into the pantry. And now there’s another batch on the wood stove. The guys went over to Gill’s again today and cooked down some more sap. They’ll be going back tomorrow to do more. It’s something that takes time. They weren’t able to collect any sap today, as it was so cold the sap didn’t run.  Hopefully the sap will run tomorrow.

I, also baked bread today. When our children were growing up I used to bake all of our bread. It was just something I did. Once in a while we’d have store bought bread, just not very often. I had a bread machine for several years….3 different ones. Two quit and the 3rd one just didn’t seem to make decent bread, so I went back to making it the old fashioned way. Smile  With just two of us we don’t use a lot of bread, so it’s not that big a deal to make it.
Fresh wholewheat bread


2 Responses

  1. My goodness that bread looks delicious!! A piece of the bread with some real butter and that fresh maple syrup would taste really good so save a place at the table for me please.


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