I wonder…

…does anyone else have problem receiving alerts? I have signed up for several and have yet to receive any. It is very frustrating. Even on ‘What’s New with My Network’, what you all are doing doesn’t show up, except when you comment on other blogs. Rarely does it show up when someone within my network adds a new blog. I’ve checked my settings and can’t figure out why it’s this way. So if anyone has any answers, I would sure appreciate them. Smile

It was another sunny day. It was still a bit chilly, don’t believe it got above freezing. I’m so ready for spring, to see the trees begin to leaf out. My lilac bush has buds, so that was exciting to see. And, of course, the daffodils are blooming.
Today I finished another pan of maple sap. Ended up with 6 pints of syprup this time…makes a total of 11 pints. Right now there’s more on the stove, I suspect it will be another 5 or 6 pints worth. They were not able to collect sap today, still too cold. Tomorrow is to be warmer, so the guys will go collect sap in the afternoon. Then on Thursday they will probably go back to Gill’s to boil/evaporate more down. It takes a lot of time, but, oh, does it taste wonderful on pancakes or waffles.



3 Responses

  1. When spaces first changed over I was able to get alerts all of the time. Now I rarely get one a day. Very disgusting.You keep making me hungry for some pancakes by mentioning that maple syrup.

  2. Same here, I never get updates! OK now you mentioned collecting sap, now just where do ya get it from? This is all new to me, the only kind of syrup I collect comes in a jug from Wa* Ma*t, lol !! And you make your own to boot, now that\’s interesting!!

  3. I too seem to be missing alerts and updates, and dont seem to get anywhere near the visits I used too, think lots of people are giving up on this NEW IMPROVED SPACES!?

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