Another day…

…closer to spring. It felt like spring here today. We had sunshine and temperatures in the 50’s…was just lovely. The grandchildren were outside playing without coats. I even went outside a few times without mine on.. Smile  Tomorrow is to be in the 60’s, so I won’t be surprised if at least one of the grandchildren is outside barefooted. Their thermostats don’t work quite like mine does.

Finished off 7 more pints of maple syrup. The sap was running today, so they collected more this afternoon. Garry says they should be able to collect more tomorrow, then that will probably be it for this year. If I understand correctly, the nights have to be freezing or below, then warm up to 40F or so to cause the sap to flow.

Sunee, my husband wrote about maple syrup on his blog. That might help answer some of your questions. I’m wondering, are there maple trees in NM? I don’t remember seeing very many when we lived in CA, plus the weather there wouldn’t have been conducive to sap flowing like it does here. We’ve only done this within the past 5 years.

Since I’m already talking about syrup. That sweet husband of mine offered to make pancakes tonight. Of course, I took him up on it. Smile  So we had buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup from this year. Now that was some good eating.

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one having problems with alerts. Not that I’m happy we aren’t getting them, it just means I didn’t mess up. It’s sad that the changes make it harder to keep up with each other. Have to wonder who, if anyone, they (the changes) benefited. Oh, well…..


5 Responses

  1. I visited your husbands blog. It is very nice with great pictures.Buckwheat pancakes and maple syrup, sounds so good.

  2. I will check out your hubbys blog. I used to do the maple thing in the spring in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota with the indians. Years ago I blogged about that and my times living with the Indians…. Great time in my life…Now I am on my way to visit your hubby. Pass the pancakes….

  3. My brother does the syruping every year at his place up north in Wisconsin.I have two pints left of what he gave me. There\’s nothing like it eh? Have a wonderfulweekend. I hope the weather is nice for ya. Kinda iffy here though till late Sunday.

  4. Maple syrup. Oh what have I been missing here. To have your own is truley a blessing. I am still down at the Salton Sea problems with internet connections Just visiting today. Have another blog but need my computer to upload and can\’t get connected. I am at my parents computer trying to seeing everyone as won\’t again for a long time. Take Care Carrie

  5. I had visit your hubby that\’s very nice setting up there I wish a little a bit close from here…I loved to visit your hubby\’s work places.About computer I had a lots problems for upload pictures on my space that I can\’t remember how many times down load and up load now I can do it, but i used too much MB that I might needed to extra payments? for the last 30 days.Well! I enjoy blogging so just keeping it up and I can coming to tell you all my problems lol!Ha ve a great day,Michiko

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