Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful sunny day. We have had several days of grey, drizzly, weather. Yesterday afternoon the sun finally broke through. Oh, did it feel good! I’ve found I’m so much more energetic when it’s sunny. Today I’m doing laundry and hanging it outside. Usually do it on Monday, but put it off because of the promise of sunshine. Love the smell of line dried clothes.

In my last post I mentioned the grandchildren would probably go barefooted the next day, as it was to be close to 70F.  The 5 year old didn’t disappoint, he came down here barefooted, then informed me it was too hot to wear shoes.  I think it was 68 at that time. Yes, it was warm, but the ground is cold and damp. It’s about 200 feet between our houses, so he wasn’t out too long. I’m sure it didn’t hurt him at all.

I’ve been enjoying watching birds during the winter. Here of late, I’ve noticed a change in the ones visiting the feeders. A couple days ago the finch population thinned down. I’m sure we had 30 or more for a while, now I see them rarely. Another week and we’ll have more. It seems to happen every spring and fall….we have a week or two with almost none, then they show up again. I suspect some migrate further north and others that have been further south come here. I’ve been seeing and hearing the Mourning Doves. Robins have been around. 
This is a Brown-headed Cowbird. Their sound makes me smile. They are a parasitic bird, laying their eggs in another bird’s nest. Some birds reject cowbird eggs, but most raise
them, even to the exclusion of their own young. 

Saw this male Downy woodpecker Sunday morning. He was just sitting there real still. I’ve seen them do that before. I suspect there was some danger and not moving was his way to not be seen. At the time all the other birds were gone, so I feel something must have startled them all.

I take bird pictures through the glass of our storm door. With the temps warming up I’ll be trying for more outside.

Here’s another picture I want to share. Again taken through my back door.
A couple finches squabbling while the one to the left gets all the food. These little guys are so territorial.

It’s time to hang out the last load of laundry, so I need to get.


3 Responses

  1. The pictures of the birds are just wonderful. I love bird watching.Beautiful here today too!

  2. Hi Connie, loved the pics of your birds, I love \’em too, especially hummingbirds.They will probably arrive here around mid May. Looks like I\’m not the only one who loves hanging clothes out to dry. 🙂 Have a good weekend…….Sunee

  3. I absolutely adore the pictures of your feathered friends. Hard to believe you took them through the storm door….your glass must be spotless.I, too, love hanging out my laundry to dry….nothing like the fresh scent of air-dried sheets. Our weather, however, is still cold and very very wet….Spring, according to our weather gurus is about 3 weeks behind. Guess I will have to wait before I can hang clothes out to dry.Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.Take care.~Karin~

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