Not much

Today sure did start out as a gray day. We had rain during the night and this morning. Then this afternoon the sun made an appearance…oh, was that wonderful. By sunset the clouds were moving in again. I believe we’re supposed to have more rain tonight and tomorrow. I’m ready for some sunny days. I want  to work in my flower beds and perhaps help my husband with the garden. Years ago when he was working (he still works, just at home) and I was home with the children, I did a good part of the gardening. Now he does most of it. AND even helps me with the canning. I’m thinking the only reason I managed to do as much as I did had something to do with being younger. Smile 

It’s raining…can hear it on the roof. We have a metal roof. I love the sound of rain on it. One of my childhood memories is staying at my grandparents and hearing the rain on their metal roof. Always loved that sound.

Three of the grandchildren and I put a small 100 piece puzzle together yesterday. Other than their attempts at helping me put a 1000 piece puzzle together last winter, I don’t think they’ve ever done one that wasn’t in a tray. The 3 year old amazed me in how well she did. I put puzzles on my shopping list. I think 2 more would give us enough variety for a while.  Here’s a picture of our puzzle.

Hope you all have a good night. Or, morning.  Or, whatever time of day it is where you are. Smile


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  1. It has rained here since Saturday night. The sun peeked out for a little while this afternoon and then it started to rain again.I love to work puzzles.

  2. Hey! Your blog sounds like me! We must lead parallel lives. I was just saying to my hubby yesterday how much I love metal roofs. We don\’t have one but I remember hearing the rain on the roof of my mom\’s house, she had a metal roof. Put\’s me to sleep every time! The guys are doing the soil for my garden then the kids will help plant and the canning will be up to me but he\’ll help with the heavy stuff.

  3. Why we can\’t swapping our weather?lol! we had not enough of water for such a long time then now we are expect for more dry weather? it\’s funny when I had complains about weather ….we\’re expecting have rain from next friday….hope so.Enjoy game of the puzzle with your grandchildren.Have great day,Michiko

  4. I\’d love to have a metal roof, but I love the rain blowing against the buildig. It looks like our rain is gone, sunny here in the my part of the South. So nice to have your Grands putting together puzzles. Blessings Always to you and yours, Ann

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