Strange or unusual buildings

My husband found a website that has some very strange building pictured. He blogged about it, so I thought that all of you might also enjoy seeing them.

Here’s some samples of what’s on the website.




The one stipulation to using photos from their site is to post a link. There are 3 parts with a total of 150 photos. They can be found here.  That’s in case you missed the link at the top. Hope you enjoy them.


6 Responses

  1. Great link. The pics are wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Good grief,. that one on the bottom looks like a doggie.

  3. Great link thanks! I\’ve always said we all should live underground to avoid the weather and maintenance.Hey have a great weekend!!

  4. I don\’t mind in the middle one to live there would I??Have a great weekend,

  5. Hi again

  6. Wow these are amazing. I don\’t have time to look at the link but thanks for sharing these.

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