What’s that noise?

Yesterday morning I heard a noise that took me a moment to identify. We had a bird in our stovepipe…for the second time.  My husband went outside to check in the clean-out, but no bird.  Then we realized from the sounds that it was actually in our stove. For those who don’t know we have a wood cook stove for heating and cooking during the winter. The first place we checked was the firebox…no signs of the bird.

The first one had been in the firebox. As my husband discovered one morning when he was getting ready to start a fire to take the chill off the house. He opened the door to put kindling in and out pops this ‘puff of ashes’. Of course, it startled him and quickly got the attention of our two cats. The bird flew around the kitchen, then settled on a cabinet where Garry was able to catch it, then put it outside.

Now back to yesterday…we could hear the bird, so knew it was there….somewhere. We thought maybe it was on top of the oven…removed clean-out plate and looked…no bird. Next was below the oven, so removed that plate, shone the flashlight in and there was a bird. Now how do we get it out? It was clear to the back and the opening is way too small to have something in your hand and pull it out. I suggested using the clean-out tool, get it behind the bird and kind of ‘herd’ it to the opening. It almost worked, until we startled it and it went to the back again. In trying to locate the bird’s position, Garry discovered we had TWO birds in our stove. With the plate off they were both wanting to get out, so…we let them. The first one out flew into the living room with a cat, dog and me following behind. It landed on a window screen where I was able to catch it and release it outside. The second one went for a window in the kitchen where it was also caught and released. They were both Eastern Bluebirds.

Now we need some type of screen around the outside top of our stovepipe. It’s not supposed to let birds through, but somehow three have managed to get in there. Two of our neighbors have a similar setup, but they haven’t had birds get into theirs.

I realized later that it never once occurred to me to take a picture. A photo op in my own kitchen that I missed. :)))


5 Responses

  1. Thank you for visit and leaving kind comments, the mug photos on the blog place but I did noticed it doesn\’t show at first then come up again….if you have time would you like to come see it?The Bluebirds that they were very lucky to not burnt …if they didn\’t made a noise then would be awful things happens but you don\’t noticed either? I\’m glad you helps out the birds.Have a great day,Michiko

  2. Oh how I love this, taking me back a few years, when we had a wood stove. (80\’s) I never got to see the bird flying…just don\’t remember anything but a bird caught in the stove or pipe. Yours is a heart-warming account cos of their rescue. Thanx for visiting, GrGr A

  3. I wish you would have taken a picture as that would have been a sight to see. I am glad you have it all taken care of.

  4. I am so glad you were able to help the birds get back out and boy, do you ever need that screen! What an adventure!

  5. We now have a screen in place, so no more birds in the stove. Another one, or one of the same ones, got in again after writing this. Michiko, they weren\’t in danger of being burned as we didn\’t have a fire going.We also now have a bluebird house…sure hope they\’ll find it and build a nest.

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