Butter Dishes

How is it possible that this week is nearly over? How the time does fly!!  At least around here it seems to. I still have lots I wanted to do this week.

On Tuesday, Anne and I went treasure hunting. We try to do this every 2 or 3 weeks. It just does us both good to have time away from the farm….kinda recharges our batteries, so to speak. Plus it gives us time together we wouldn’t normally have.

We made our usual round of shops. Seems there’s always something different to see. At our very first stop I found another butter dish. Well, really Anne saw it first and pointed it out to me. It’s not blue, but I think very pretty anyway, besides the price was right. I have a picture to share. I’m not happy with the picture, seems I just don’t know how to take it properly, but perhaps it’ll give you an idea of what it’s like.

IMG_5078It’s not that I necessarily needed another one. There’s just something about these dome lids that I really enjoy. I told my husband after I bought the last one that maybe I’d just start a collection of this style butter dish. Didn’t realize I’d find another one so quickly. This one I also plan on using regularly…will probably alternate between it and the blue one.

What I haven’t told all of you is this makes the 3rd one. That does constitute a collection, doesn’t it? My husband bought the first one for me last summer. It’s cobalt blue and has been used for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, or whenever we have company. Here’s a picture of it. I wish I could remember the pattern name, thistle something I think.


I don’t know if I’ll be getting any more. There was another one we saw and I’m sure if it’s still there I’ll be checking on it our next treasure hunt outing.

It’s bedtime, so I must be off for this time.  Hope everyone has a good night.


8 Responses

  1. Well now you\’re just a butter dish hog! lol.. I better find me one before you scoop it up! haha

  2. Oh I love those dishes! The cobalt blue really caught my eye!A collection starts with one…lol

  3. You had bought 3 rd one and you are going to get 4th one….I \’ll looking for you in this endlol!The blue one is unuseual dishes…Does make the butter tests better?? Happy Mother\’s day to you too.Michiko

  4. Michiko, of course it makes the butter taste better. :)) Perhaps not, but it does give me pleasure to use a pretty dish. Thank you for coming by.

  5. Hi Connie, I finally made it here. Thank you for all your visits while I was away. I love the colbalt blue butter dish. I use colbalt as an accent in my kitchen. My butter dish I use is from my aluminum wear collection. Aluminum saucer with glass butter holder and aluminum dome lid. The only collection I have of anything is some special pieces of aluminum wear. Nice coffee and tea pots, measuing cups, canaster and a few more pieces. Take Care Carrie

  6. The butter dishes are beautiful!

  7. Thank you for your visits, it is always a pleasure seen you on my space.When you are going back to the shops? I just kidding lol!I agrees with you on a teste better, I always enjoyed a beautiful the dish that makes a big difference for the foods…In Japan we used a lots of dishes.Have a great weekend,Michiko

  8. Beautiful\’ reminds me of my grandmothers butter dishes; A sense of home, and good meals shared with family.

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