Wanted to share

This morning at 2:25 our time, we were awakened by a phone call from our youngest son. Now I’ve been waiting for this call for nearly two weeks. Every time the phone would ring, I just knew it was him. Finally…our little Sammi Elizabeth was born at 12:03 am Pacific time. She weighed 10# 9 oz. and is 21 and 3/4 inches long. Her parents have referred to her as their little turkey, so her aunt Anna said it sounded like she was a real butterball. It’s hard having them so far away. I just know that Sammi needs me to hold and cuddle her. Never mind that she has her mom and dad plus 2 big sisters to do so.

Sammi is our 11th grandchild and 7th granddaughter. Our plans are to visit them in March. We need time with the other two girls as well. Phone calls just aren’t enough.

Anyway, just wanted to share our extra special blessing on this day of National Thanksgiving.

This past week I have not had time to keep up with all of you on here. Hopefully beginning tomorrow I’ll be able to start catching up.

Sure hope all that celebrate this Day of Thanksgiving had a wonderful day! We all have so much to be thankful for.


Dream Tuesday and more

 As I was growing up, there was always family close. My great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all (or nearly all) lived close enough to be able to see them somewhat regularly. To me, that was the way life was supposed to be. It never occurred to me that my siblings and I would live so far apart. It is my dream that some day my sisters and I will live close enough to each other to be able to visit often. You know, close enough to just go visit a hour or so, or go treasure hunting, or whatever. Perhaps life would get in the way, as so often happens, but hopefully we would spend time together.  As it is, the closest sister is a little over 2 hours from me, and we do manage time once or twice a year. The next closest one is about 6 hours away. Then the one in TX is 20 plus hours away. Anyway, that’s one of my dreams.

Today I canned some squash…12 pints worth. Some friends gave us a green striped Cushaw squash…it’s a winter squash and rather large…this one was probably 10 – 15 pounds. After I cooked it we tried some with butter, a bit of sugar and cinnamon. Both of us really liked it. So then I had to figure out what to do with the rest of it. Considered freezing it, then decided it would be much easier to use by having it canned. I think the jars look pretty.


A couple weeks ago I made a pasta salad and ended up putting too much pepper into it. At least for my taste buds. Garry questions, ‘is there such a thing as too much pepper?’. My answer is, YES!. Anyway, I even considered feeding it to the chickens and starting over…except that wouldn’t work as it had chicken in it. So I searched online to find a solution, if there was one. Too salty, I know to add some sugar, but pepper, that’s different. The solution given was to use lemon juice, being sure to add some sugar to keep it from being too sour. I happened to have some lemons in the freezer, so thawed and juiced one. And, it worked!! At first I thought it hadn’t, but after sitting a while, it definitely made a difference. Plus the lemon juice gave a very nice addition to the flavor. Another thing mentioned was to add corn…something about corn being bland enough to counteract the pepper. So in the future, if you’ve used too much pepper, add lemon juice or corn. 

Border finished

The border is now on the quilt top I made at the Mystery Quilt class. Next I need to figure out how to proceed to finish it. I’m not planning on quilting it, just tying. Possibly with a flannel backing and not even using a batting. That would make a lightweight coverlet that would work for summer. I want to find some red to match the zinger fabric for the binding. I checked online and found the fabric, there’s just one problem…I don’t know what shade it is. There are 3 possible choices…raspberry, turkey red, and I think true red. So perhaps a trip to Bowling Green is in order, with my scrap in hand. I do need to find a backing, so….time to do some shopping.

  Here’s the finished top laying on our bed with a “kitty lump” starting the breaking in process even before it’s a completed quilt. Precious was sleeping on there and had no desire to move.   IMG_9170


                           This is our Precious.



Well, I’m thinking it’s bedtime….at least here it is. Hope everyone has a good night, morning, afternoon, or whatever time of day it is where you are.

More Excitement!!

Today our son and his family went to visit some friends in Moss, TN, to help them set up a small solar power system.  These friends have been without electricity for over a year. They do have a small generator, so have been able to do some things. For night time they have been using kerosene lamps. It is cost prohibitive for them to have electricity run to their home. Their hopes are that other neighbors will decide to have electricity, then they can all share the cost. So far it hasn’t happened. Anyway, Darryl had a small solar system which he donated to them, plus went to help set things up. Now I have no clue whether they got it working, because of the excitement part.

On the way home a deer jumped out in front of them about the time they crossed the line into our county. It was a fatal jump for the deer. Did some slight damage to the van. Darryl said he’s thankful the deer wasn’t any larger than it was. SO, the guys are in our backyard skinning out this deer.

We just never know what will happen do we?

It’s Tuesday already

Amazing how fast time flies. Today has been one of those ‘I just don’t feel like doing anything’ days…probably because it’s overcast and a bit gloomy. I have done the necessities and not much else…bed made, dishes washed, meals cooked, etc.

Shortly after lunch there was a bang toward the back of the house. My first thought was that a picture had fallen, so I checked and everything was as it should be. Then it occurred to me that a bird might have flown into a window. Looking out onto the deck I spotted a hawk sitting just outside the door. My husband suspects he was after one of the smaller birds at the feeders. If so hopefully this experience will have scared him off for a while. As far as I can tell it was a Broad-Winged Hawk. He shouldn’t even still be here as they migrate south early autumn….think it’s later than that. Here’s a picture I took through the back door while he was still a bit dazed. Isn’t he pretty?


If anyone knows for sure what type hawk this is I would appreciate knowing.

Reading Toodie of Babbalot’s blog this morning (or was it this afternoon?) about starting Dream Tuesday made me think I’d share a dream of mine…after all, it is still Tuesday. I enjoy being around water and have always wanted to live on or near a lake. Not a large lake, just one you could take a row boat out onto, that would have some fish, and a swimming area. To me there is just a peace in being near the water…apart from storms, and with a small pond/lake that wouldn’t be an issue. Or I don’t believe it would be. Anyway, a couple years ago I took a photo of our house from the back and ‘added’ a lake. I tried to make it look like a dream and entitled it “Daydream”, as that’s pretty much what it is.


It was a lot of fun doing this picture. I wouldn’t necessarily want my house that close to a lake, but it does give the basic idea.

Hope all have had a good day. I have had, although, perhaps not as productive as it should have been. I did work on the quilt yesterday…had some corners that didn’t match as well as I wanted, so redid them. As soon as I finish here I’m going to go start sewing the border onto it. When that’s done, I’ll post a picture.


 Since I wrote last we took a trip to Texas to visit my youngest sister and her family. We had planned the trip back when mom was still alive, so decided to go ahead. And I’m so glad we did, I had such a wonderful time with that sister of mine! It was hard to say good bye. I’m 13 years older than her, which means she was 5 when I left home. Since that time distance has been an issue. To begin with I left Ohio for California…lived there for 12 years before moving to Illinois (my husband’s home state).  My sister married and lived in Pennsylvania, then moved to south Texas.  So we haven’t had a lot of time together over the years. Now I’m wishing we lived no further than across town (make that a small town) from each other.

While in TX, Tami and I attended a Mystery Quilt class. For me it was mystery quilt fabrics as well, because Tami and her sister-in-law picked out fabrics for mine…my only request was for a blue theme. We had a list of needed fabrics, such as Feature, Coordinate A & B, and Zinger. Then directions for cutting them….all to be done before going to the class. I even took my sewing machine to Tx. At the class we were given ‘clues’ or directions one at a time…had to complete one before being given the next one.  We were there about 5 hours (lunch included) and left with a finished quilt top. Now the next thing is to finish it. We’ve been home a week, so maybe before too much more time passes I should get onto it. Sounds like a good project for between loads of laundry tomorrow. 🙂

IMG_7929Here we are with our finished tops. Tami had started putting the border onto hers. My first row of border will be the predominately blue fabric, followed by the feature…the one with the TX bluebonnets. Yes, I know you can’t see what the flowers are, just trust me, they’re bluebonnets. 🙂

I see that I will have to do some playing before doing another blog entry. Live Writer doesn’t seem set up quite the way it was before…I can’t find how to center my picture or to wrap the text around it. I will figure it out, especially since it’s probably just because I clicked on something I shouldn’t have.

Have been wondering. Do others have problems with notifications? I signed up to receive them via e-mail… it hasn’t happened. I have live feed on my browser and it seems to pick and choose as to who it lets me know has added a new blog entry. Sometimes I only catch it because it tells me someone has commented. Or do all of you just go to your Windows Live home page regularly? Even that seems somewhat selective.

You all have a good evening, morning, or afternoon…whatever it may be where you are.

P.S. I figured out the picture thing…just have to have the picture selected to make changes…kind of a duh moment. Tongue out