Since I wrote last we took a trip to Texas to visit my youngest sister and her family. We had planned the trip back when mom was still alive, so decided to go ahead. And I’m so glad we did, I had such a wonderful time with that sister of mine! It was hard to say good bye. I’m 13 years older than her, which means she was 5 when I left home. Since that time distance has been an issue. To begin with I left Ohio for California…lived there for 12 years before moving to Illinois (my husband’s home state).  My sister married and lived in Pennsylvania, then moved to south Texas.  So we haven’t had a lot of time together over the years. Now I’m wishing we lived no further than across town (make that a small town) from each other.

While in TX, Tami and I attended a Mystery Quilt class. For me it was mystery quilt fabrics as well, because Tami and her sister-in-law picked out fabrics for mine…my only request was for a blue theme. We had a list of needed fabrics, such as Feature, Coordinate A & B, and Zinger. Then directions for cutting them….all to be done before going to the class. I even took my sewing machine to Tx. At the class we were given ‘clues’ or directions one at a time…had to complete one before being given the next one.  We were there about 5 hours (lunch included) and left with a finished quilt top. Now the next thing is to finish it. We’ve been home a week, so maybe before too much more time passes I should get onto it. Sounds like a good project for between loads of laundry tomorrow. 🙂

IMG_7929Here we are with our finished tops. Tami had started putting the border onto hers. My first row of border will be the predominately blue fabric, followed by the feature…the one with the TX bluebonnets. Yes, I know you can’t see what the flowers are, just trust me, they’re bluebonnets. 🙂

I see that I will have to do some playing before doing another blog entry. Live Writer doesn’t seem set up quite the way it was before…I can’t find how to center my picture or to wrap the text around it. I will figure it out, especially since it’s probably just because I clicked on something I shouldn’t have.

Have been wondering. Do others have problems with notifications? I signed up to receive them via e-mail… it hasn’t happened. I have live feed on my browser and it seems to pick and choose as to who it lets me know has added a new blog entry. Sometimes I only catch it because it tells me someone has commented. Or do all of you just go to your Windows Live home page regularly? Even that seems somewhat selective.

You all have a good evening, morning, or afternoon…whatever it may be where you are.

P.S. I figured out the picture thing…just have to have the picture selected to make changes…kind of a duh moment. Tongue out


7 Responses

  1. Hi Connie,It is nice to see you with your sister in the picture, I can see beautiful blue colour quilt top that I remember you likes blue colours:-)I can\’t see it nothing wrong in hereConnie! Thank you for your nice commnets on my post and in the pictures.Have a great day,Michiko

  2. I wish here on now you and your sister\’s lived close to each other and happy life together:-)

  3. My sister was 11 years older. So glad you guys spent time and fun together. I get three notifications (all the same) for two friends. I don\’t get others which I should. I have to see who commented on who\’s blog to know they posted. It\’s weird. Lovely quilts and very nice looking smiles.

  4. I am so glad you got to spend time with your sister. I miss my sis in WV so very much. The quilt is beautiful.I do not receive the email notifications at all even though I have signed up for them.

  5. I just go to live home page but always have to check out older posts because sometimes they won\’t even show same day posts just hours old posts. I love your quilt tops! I can not sew a lick and am always amazed that others can make things so easily! (I sewed my thumb one time making a pillow!)

  6. I just go to the home page..notifications are a great idea that never really worked. 🙂 Sorta like good intentions.Wonderful to find this great good morning blog Connie with the quilt tops as an added pleasure. (((HUGS)))

  7. You, my dear, are blessed. My friend Anne keeps telling me that my life would be so different if I just had a sister. I do see what my 3 daughters have with each other and it is to be envied. But I am happy to report that my life still makes sense.

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