It’s Tuesday already

Amazing how fast time flies. Today has been one of those ‘I just don’t feel like doing anything’ days…probably because it’s overcast and a bit gloomy. I have done the necessities and not much else…bed made, dishes washed, meals cooked, etc.

Shortly after lunch there was a bang toward the back of the house. My first thought was that a picture had fallen, so I checked and everything was as it should be. Then it occurred to me that a bird might have flown into a window. Looking out onto the deck I spotted a hawk sitting just outside the door. My husband suspects he was after one of the smaller birds at the feeders. If so hopefully this experience will have scared him off for a while. As far as I can tell it was a Broad-Winged Hawk. He shouldn’t even still be here as they migrate south early autumn….think it’s later than that. Here’s a picture I took through the back door while he was still a bit dazed. Isn’t he pretty?


If anyone knows for sure what type hawk this is I would appreciate knowing.

Reading Toodie of Babbalot’s blog this morning (or was it this afternoon?) about starting Dream Tuesday made me think I’d share a dream of mine…after all, it is still Tuesday. I enjoy being around water and have always wanted to live on or near a lake. Not a large lake, just one you could take a row boat out onto, that would have some fish, and a swimming area. To me there is just a peace in being near the water…apart from storms, and with a small pond/lake that wouldn’t be an issue. Or I don’t believe it would be. Anyway, a couple years ago I took a photo of our house from the back and ‘added’ a lake. I tried to make it look like a dream and entitled it “Daydream”, as that’s pretty much what it is.


It was a lot of fun doing this picture. I wouldn’t necessarily want my house that close to a lake, but it does give the basic idea.

Hope all have had a good day. I have had, although, perhaps not as productive as it should have been. I did work on the quilt yesterday…had some corners that didn’t match as well as I wanted, so redid them. As soon as I finish here I’m going to go start sewing the border onto it. When that’s done, I’ll post a picture.


10 Responses

  1. I LOVE your rendition of your home. That is inspired!! Good job!!I will be back and tell you who that hawk is soon. 🙂 (really)

  2. This is a female Cooper\’s Hawk, Connie.

  3. Oh that poor hawk. Good picture you got. Wonderful dream! Great job on the photo too. I could see us sitt\’in on the porch casting out into the calm water. Glad you like the dream Tuesday!

  4. Carole, that works. The spot of yellow on the bill, and the tail matches, although it doesn\’t have red eyes. I was looking in the brown section of my KY bird book., it\’s in the grey section. Thank you!!

  5. That is a great dream you have. I think it would be nice to live by a lake.The picture of the hawk is amazing. I am glad he didn\’t crack your window.

  6. Sounds as though the poor hawk hit your house and she was stunned. I hope she has recovered. 🙂

  7. She flew off shortly after I took the picture. She may have a headache or whatever part hit. I think she hit the storm door.

  8. I am glad poor hawk didn\’t get heart attack and she looks fine??You done a good job with your picture that I with you if I can live in the near by the lake.Have a nice dream tonight!

  9. Good. Whew. I am a Hawk lover. All Raptors.

  10. I love how you created you dream place on the lake . What a creative idea that was. I should put a big lake below our house and greenhouse as that is my dream also. Great close up of the hawk. You don\’t get that very often…

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