More Excitement!!

Today our son and his family went to visit some friends in Moss, TN, to help them set up a small solar power system.  These friends have been without electricity for over a year. They do have a small generator, so have been able to do some things. For night time they have been using kerosene lamps. It is cost prohibitive for them to have electricity run to their home. Their hopes are that other neighbors will decide to have electricity, then they can all share the cost. So far it hasn’t happened. Anyway, Darryl had a small solar system which he donated to them, plus went to help set things up. Now I have no clue whether they got it working, because of the excitement part.

On the way home a deer jumped out in front of them about the time they crossed the line into our county. It was a fatal jump for the deer. Did some slight damage to the van. Darryl said he’s thankful the deer wasn’t any larger than it was. SO, the guys are in our backyard skinning out this deer.

We just never know what will happen do we?


4 Responses

  1. Hope the solar will set up soon before winter cold. Lucky only slight damage to van. Was it ah Ford?Meat in the freezer….no, we jist never know. Golly you have excitement there!

  2. No we sure don\’t! So far I have been spared that experience and I know you know where I live is caked up with deer. Here in town too…full of them..everywhere. My sons however have had collisions with them. Glad all was well ultimately.

  3. I hope the solar system works for them.Thank heaven no one was injured in the accident with the deer.

  4. We lived at our place for 5 years before we got power. WE mostly depended on solor for all lights and generator occasionally. I read with candles every night..

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