Border finished

The border is now on the quilt top I made at the Mystery Quilt class. Next I need to figure out how to proceed to finish it. I’m not planning on quilting it, just tying. Possibly with a flannel backing and not even using a batting. That would make a lightweight coverlet that would work for summer. I want to find some red to match the zinger fabric for the binding. I checked online and found the fabric, there’s just one problem…I don’t know what shade it is. There are 3 possible choices…raspberry, turkey red, and I think true red. So perhaps a trip to Bowling Green is in order, with my scrap in hand. I do need to find a backing, so….time to do some shopping.

  Here’s the finished top laying on our bed with a “kitty lump” starting the breaking in process even before it’s a completed quilt. Precious was sleeping on there and had no desire to move.   IMG_9170


                           This is our Precious.



Well, I’m thinking it’s bedtime….at least here it is. Hope everyone has a good night, morning, afternoon, or whatever time of day it is where you are.


7 Responses

  1. I do envy you. When the first of my children to get married was in her engagement period, I was all over the place trying to get lessons as to just how to make one myself for her. Your quilt looks lovely

  2. I looked and found the \’kitty lump\’ lol! That\’s too cute.I really like your quilt. Very home feeling for me. Youdid a great job!

  3. Beautiful quilt and Precious is \’precious.\’

  4. Man, that is great work. I so wish I was talented with things like that. I do decorative sewing sometimes (types of embroidery) but that\’s about it. ARE precious. Come meet my Miss Catt!

  5. I know allllll about kitty lumps.

  6. Thank you all for your comments on the quilt top….whenever I finish it I\’ll be sure and let you know.Precious is definitely precious…there is such a sweetness about her. One of our granddaughters named her.

  7. Your quilt is beautiful. I have only ever made one. It was out of old jeans and used and old bedspread for the backing and an old sleeping bag for the batting. 100% recycled.

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