Dream Tuesday and more

 As I was growing up, there was always family close. My great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all (or nearly all) lived close enough to be able to see them somewhat regularly. To me, that was the way life was supposed to be. It never occurred to me that my siblings and I would live so far apart. It is my dream that some day my sisters and I will live close enough to each other to be able to visit often. You know, close enough to just go visit a hour or so, or go treasure hunting, or whatever. Perhaps life would get in the way, as so often happens, but hopefully we would spend time together.  As it is, the closest sister is a little over 2 hours from me, and we do manage time once or twice a year. The next closest one is about 6 hours away. Then the one in TX is 20 plus hours away. Anyway, that’s one of my dreams.

Today I canned some squash…12 pints worth. Some friends gave us a green striped Cushaw squash…it’s a winter squash and rather large…this one was probably 10 – 15 pounds. After I cooked it we tried some with butter, a bit of sugar and cinnamon. Both of us really liked it. So then I had to figure out what to do with the rest of it. Considered freezing it, then decided it would be much easier to use by having it canned. I think the jars look pretty.


A couple weeks ago I made a pasta salad and ended up putting too much pepper into it. At least for my taste buds. Garry questions, ‘is there such a thing as too much pepper?’. My answer is, YES!. Anyway, I even considered feeding it to the chickens and starting over…except that wouldn’t work as it had chicken in it. So I searched online to find a solution, if there was one. Too salty, I know to add some sugar, but pepper, that’s different. The solution given was to use lemon juice, being sure to add some sugar to keep it from being too sour. I happened to have some lemons in the freezer, so thawed and juiced one. And, it worked!! At first I thought it hadn’t, but after sitting a while, it definitely made a difference. Plus the lemon juice gave a very nice addition to the flavor. Another thing mentioned was to add corn…something about corn being bland enough to counteract the pepper. So in the future, if you’ve used too much pepper, add lemon juice or corn. 


8 Responses

  1. Good info on the pepper problem. All my sisters live over a thousand miles away. Have not seen them in years but we do email daily. Thank God for cheap long distance phone service and the internet….

  2. Living rural here 2 hours is ah round trip to the bigger city store. I read your dream for Tuesday (I haven\’t done mine yet). Take the time and go visit, actually make time. I wish I did and didn\’t see my sis for three years and then she died. I was afraid to drive and well jist saying don\’t put it off. Hugs.

  3. Hi Connie, your canned squash looks delish! I\’ve never canned it before but would love to one of these days. I love baking it with butter and brown sugar….YUM! I guess you could say I\’m very blessed. I don\’t live very far from my siblings, and yes I also love our big family gatherings! Wishing you a great week…..Sunee

  4. I love canned sqaush. I usually make a pickled one. But this year I only got mostly speggitte sqaush. My closet family is 6 hours away. My sisters and I also wish we could get together more. But for me its so hard to get away in the summer with all the work and watering here. And in the winter I don\’t want to be driving long distance. Now with the stupid passports needed to cross the borders alot of my family don\’t have them. All my family are in the states and I live in Canada. We wanted to have a big family reunion at our ranch but way too many would have to get passports. Such is life. Glad to hear you found a cure for salty pasta. I love being able to google stuff and get answers I need. Have a great Weekend. Hugs Carrie

  5. I have none of my family close to me, the closest being 100 miles away I would love to be closer to my sister who is 450 miles from me.

  6. I have my boys close..and few other relatives that are nearby. I think those are the prettiest squash I ever saw!

  7. I am lucky to my two son\’s live close to me thank you. You nearly feeding to chickens the pasta salad…But you found a solution that I am happy for you and I \’ll remember" add lemon juice or corn".

  8. I love black pepper and in restaurants I usually open the top and pour what I want directly from the shaker.-)

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