Wanted to share

This morning at 2:25 our time, we were awakened by a phone call from our youngest son. Now I’ve been waiting for this call for nearly two weeks. Every time the phone would ring, I just knew it was him. Finally…our little Sammi Elizabeth was born at 12:03 am Pacific time. She weighed 10# 9 oz. and is 21 and 3/4 inches long. Her parents have referred to her as their little turkey, so her aunt Anna said it sounded like she was a real butterball. It’s hard having them so far away. I just know that Sammi needs me to hold and cuddle her. Never mind that she has her mom and dad plus 2 big sisters to do so.

Sammi is our 11th grandchild and 7th granddaughter. Our plans are to visit them in March. We need time with the other two girls as well. Phone calls just aren’t enough.

Anyway, just wanted to share our extra special blessing on this day of National Thanksgiving.

This past week I have not had time to keep up with all of you on here. Hopefully beginning tomorrow I’ll be able to start catching up.

Sure hope all that celebrate this Day of Thanksgiving had a wonderful day! We all have so much to be thankful for.


6 Responses

  1. Big congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents. They have chosen a beautiful name for her.

  2. Oh Connie..I am thrilled for you. Congratulations to you and her parents on this happy wonderful day. (HUGS)

  3. Congratulations!! I bet you want to drive or fly right over there. My first grandbaby is due in April and I don\’t like being so darn far away. We miss all the good stuff! Butter ball…that\’s cute.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 11 grandchildren…that is great.I was so lucky to live near my daughters and was at each birth of the grandkids. Being a grandparent is far better than being a parent is my experience.

  5. Great News…. Bet you can\’t wait to get her in your arms…. Hugs and take care Carrie

  6. Congratulation! Grand ma! Sammi\’s big girl isn\’t she? Have a good rest though you must be very tired too….

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