It’s Tuesday!

 We awoke to a very frosty morning. It was mid 20’s or lower…it had already started to warm some when I looked at the thermometer about 7 o’clock and it was 25 degrees then. Anyway you look at it, it was chilly. One advantage to needing heat again is that I’m back to cooking with the woodstove. For some reason I really enjoy being able to do that. Now if I had to also use it in warm weather I suspect my thoughts on the subject would be quite different. Today I cooked a turkey soup, then baked biscuits using the woodstove. Our stove is a real wood cook stove made by the Amish. We use the stove for heat as well as cooking this time of year. Of course, I always have my regular cook stove, so don’t have to use the wood one. I just like to.

A week ago, we decided to do without our electric dryer for a month just to see what difference it might make in our power bill. Yeah, I know, what was I thinking??? This is my second week and so far, so good. I have drying racks to put next to the wood stove, as well as lines up in the sewing room. When the weather cooperates, there’s also the solar dryer…otherwise known as an outside clothesline. Last week I hung our sheets out, and oh, did they ever smell good!! Tomorrow is the day I usually wash sheets and we have rain in the forecast, so…no solar dryer.  I’m sure they’ll do fine next to the stove.

Since it is Tuesday, I’ve been thinking about Dream Tuesday and wondering what to share. I don’t have a whole lot of dreams like some do. My life is what it is and I’m pretty content with that. One thing did come to mind from reading another’s dream. All my life I’ve thought it would be wonderful to visit Venice, Italy. I think it started when I first realized there was such a city, with water (I now know they’re canals) for streets. Just the thought of it has always been fascinating to me. Take a boat everywhere, living right next to the water.…wow, didn’t seem like it got much better than that.  As some of you know I do from time to time put photos on a website called Tabblo. I want to share a couple links with you from some who have actually been to Venice. The first one I found was by Hollyridger and the second by Akeke.  If you’re interested in checking out any of their other Tabblos, just click on their name at either the top or bottom (it’s both places) on the left side. I have really enjoyed both of them and through their pictures have seen places I never would have otherwise.

Oh, our traveling son and family will be home from NC tomorrow. It’ll be good to have them home. Garry has been taking care of their cows and Jessica’s horse.  I think I better bake some cookies tomorrow…grandkids will be home and needing cookies again. Garry would probably appreciate them, too. Wink

Have a good evening everyone. Or, whatever time of day it is where you are…I hope it’s good for you.


7 Responses

  1. It\’s good for me..especially reading this welcome blog. We had the same weather just about. It was 29 here at 7. Supposed to start raining again tomorrow thru Thursday. Sigh.I have been to Venice and like you, I was fascinated to see it as the idea of stepping out of your house and there\’s WATER there..just escaped my imagination.Where was Garry in NC? Did he have to take a detour too or does he use another Interstate than 40?(((HUGS)))

  2. @Rambling On …sorry if I confused the issue. Garry is here in KY…we live on our son\’s farm. Darryl is the one who went to NC and yes, they had to take a detour of some sort as they usually go via I-40.

  3. It has been a good evening for me. I have been multi-tasking; watching TV and reading a book during the commercials. I am so glad your son and his family will be with you tomorrow.

  4. Ohh I just finished a blog about being so cold! I LOVE wood stoves and wished I had one, we just have a gas one and it\’s just not the same as real wood heat and that wonderful aroma of wood burning and the sound of it cracking and popping. Ahhh, that would just put me right to sleep! My mom use to make us REAL cocoa on hers. Good memories 🙂

  5. Me..I must not have paid enough attention girlfriend..but thanks for clearing up my "cornfusion". ;-)And I am here to say that every time I get a chance I have something outside sunning at least. Bedding in particular.

  6. Hi Connie…There’s nothing like wood heat. Warms a person right to the bone…Ahhh!!! Makes food taste better too…I had a dream the other night I was the new sheriff in a dumpy northern Colorado town. The next day it was easy to decipher why? Carmel popcorn before bed while watching the Academy Award wining western “Unforgiven.”Got milk to go with those homemade cookies???You all be warm and safe travels…GregCongratulations with a new baby in the family. I know you will teach that little turkey to garden.I now also having a craving for squash. With butter of coarse…

  7. You have such a contented tone in this blog. You are comfortable with the way things are yet still open to trying new things. When I first married, I went years without a dryer or access to a laundry room. Hanging out the close especially the sheets in the winter was natural to me as I was brought up that way. And yes, there is nothing like the fresh smell or air dried sheets. When I moved to CT (outside of Hartford) no one had a close line and I was shunned for putting up mine even though I had a dryer. I remember looking at my husband saying "I\’m not crazy about this town." Having said all of that, have your head examined woman for attempting this experiment reguarding electricity in the dead on winter!! LOLThat wood burning stove sounds mighty appealing.Be of good cheer.

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