It’s wonderful to have Darryl and his family home again. And Garry didn’t mind not having to take care of the cows and horse today. Gave him an extra few minutes to enjoy his coffee before taking care of our goats and chickens.

I did bake cookies yesterday, so was able to give some to the grandchildren when they came home. I baked my favorite, Trailside Oatmeal Treats, a recipe I found in a newspaper years ago. They have peanut butter and chocolate chips in them. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup each raisins and chocolate chips…I just put in 1 cup chocolate chips and forget the raisins. I even baked them using the wood cookstove. Regulating the temperature on the oven is something I still need to learn better. BUT, I didn’t burn them, so that’s good.

Today I baked 3 Blackberry pies. Now for that I opted to use my regular stove, just seemed safer somehow. Smile The pies are for this weekend when we have company. We might snitch a piece tomorrow night….. Wink  There’ll still be plenty for everyone, so I’m thinking no one will even notice. And if they do notice….does it really matter???

It’s bedtime here, so I’m going to head that way. 


3 Responses

  1. Isn\’t it wonderful to have family around? I am so happy for you. I would love to post your Oatmeal Treats recipe (with credit to you) on my recipe space if you would like to share.Yummm! Blackberry pie, I will have a piece please.

  2. Beth, you are right, it is wonderful to have family around. I will be sending you the cookie recipe. Would love to share the pie with you….they\’re wild blackberries from around the farm. And very good!

  3. I cooked in a woodstove when we 1st moved here. Gave up baking always seemed to burn the top of things and always having to put small pieces of wood in. I have no control when it come to eating cookies. I will eat the whole batch before anyone get a chance to taste them.

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