End of week

The blackberry pie was yummy! Yes, Garry and I each had a piece…only thing missing was ice cream. I didn’t get into town today, so no chance to pick some up.

Today I baked whole wheat rolls for tomorrow. My Betty Crocker cookbook, bought back in early 1962, has a quick roll recipe that we enjoy. It doesn’t call for wholewheat flour, that’s just what I use for most everything. I enjoy the fact that the recipe is easy to make, no kneading. Plus they taste good.

It’s turned cold here. We did have a chance for snow flurries in the forecast, but I believe that’s been taken out. Sunshine tomorrow and Sunday, then rain by Monday.

Of course, rain would be forecast for on laundry day. Yes, I’ve become a creature of habit:  clothes on Monday, sheets on Wednesday and towels on Thursday. Although, it doesn’t bother me if I have to do one or the other a day or two later or earlier. 
The issue with the rain is not using the dryer for a month. It’s been two weeks now and no problems. I know having the wood stove has really helped, as I’m able to put a drying rack on either end of it. Even our sheets dried in plenty of time to make our bed before bedtime. If our electric bill drops enough I’ll probably be wanting to continue. And, yes, as someone said I probably need to have my head examined for doing this in the winter. Tongue out

My Thanksgiving cactus is about done blooming. I always thought it was a Christmas cactus until I saw an article explaining about the differences in the leaves.  At least knowing what it is explains why it always started blooming around the first week in November. Plus it usually blooms again about May…although, not as many blooms as in November.

This is a photo of my plant. It seems to really love the morning sun. Also have some violets on that table that seem to do quite well.

Well, night all. I must go get some sleep.


8 Responses

  1. Love blackberry pie. Alamode would have been perfect huh? Your roll recipe sounds very good. Not kneading is ah good thing. Your plant is so pretty. I never was good with cacti plants for some reason. I think my thumb is souring or something. Lol. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Connie thanks for coming by. Love you blooms on your cactus. I only got my 1st dryer last year. I have been hanging my cloths for 15 years here. We only have wood heat no other so in winter cloths would be draped all over to dry. The only thing I didn\’t like was all the lint would end up in the air and dust on the furniture. I do love the dryer as I can do laundry anytime now and not just on sunny days. Umm now I am just thinking about that blackberry pie but has to have ice cream on top. Well wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Hugs Carrie

  3. I only have succulents now..varieties of cacti. Please tell me the difference in leaves? My Christmas cactus put out one blossom for some reason in JULY! But usually it blooms in the winter. I had an Easter cactus..yellowish blossoms that bloomed around Easter time. My cat knocked it down when she was a kitten and I could never get it to recover AND I have never found another one.We had about 3 inches of snow.it is melted now and the sun is out. All in the same day.

  4. Beautiful plant. The blooms are gorgeous!Blackberry pie sounds heavenly.

  5. Did I hear you say WILD blackberries, YUMMY, it don\’t get any better than that! I never knew there was a Thanksgiving cactus , always thought it was a Christmas, wow, learn something new every day! I also love drying my clothes out in the fresh mountain air. From MAy through Sept. you will find my clothes lines always full. The fresh baked rolls sound great…yummm , there\’s nothing that smells better than freshly baked bread…..have a good night…..Sunee

  6. What a beautiful picture. I have such a brown thumb. When I was marries and my plants were looking pitiful, my husband would take them to his office that we nicknamed "intensive care"

  7. Hi sweetie! 🙂

  8. We have had blooms in the Octobe, mines are getting old now I must get new one in next season:-)The wood stove are very help for kept nice in warm and dry your clothis but din\’t forget used a lots of cream in your face too:-) Thank for visits, Have a nice day,Michiko

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