We’ve finally gotten out of the deepfreeze. It has been the longest stretch of below freezing temperatures for over 25 years in this area. A neighbor said records were broken, but I have no information about that beyond his ‘say so’. Thankfully we have plenty of firewood, so stayed quite warm. Especially with an extra layer of clothes. And, at night, an extra blanket on our bed. Toby, our dog, wore his sweater, so he was warm as well. Now the cats didn’t care for the cold. They would beg to be put outside, then within 10 minutes were begging to be let back inside.


One thing I noticed during this cold was how much the birds ate. I have two 5# feeders and found I was refilling them every 2 days. One usually still had some left, so I’m estimating they ate 9 pounds of sunflower seeds every 2 days. Last winter a 40# bag of sunflower seeds took care of them all winter and into the spring. I bought a 40# bag the end of December, thinking I’d be set for the winter. It was gone within two weeks. Found another source where I can buy 50# at a time for the same price per pound. And it’s in our local town, so that’s good.


As you can see the feeder was very busy. It was enjoyable watching them.   

IMG_9421 Even had several Blue Jays helping to empty the feeder. In the past I’ve noticed one or two that attempt the feeder with most of them feeding on the ground. Not so this year. I’d see one on the feeder with others in the tree waiting…it’s like they took turns. Of course, the smaller birds always left when the jays came. Made me glad I have two feeders. There were also cardinals, tufted titmice, and chickadees. Mostly the feeders were full of finches…house finches, purple finches and goldfinches. It’s hard to tell the difference between the purple and house finch males. The purple finch is an inch larger, but without the house or gold finch close I can’t tell for sure. Now the females are easy…one (purple) has a white eyebrow, the other (house) doesn’t. In addition I kept the suet feeders filled…the woodpeckers love them. We see a lot of Downy and Red-bellied woodpeckers.

I’ve been doing all of our cooking on the wood stove and enjoying it thoroughly. Even have been using the oven for my baking. There is a wonderful satisfaction in doing that.

The dryer experiment is over, altho, I’m still not using my dryer except once in a while. When we received the bill, at first glance, Garry thought we’d just saved 12 cents. Turns out the previous bill covered the time we were gone for 2 weeks. Compared to a regular month we saved approximately 25%. It’s amazing to me that the dryer takes that much. So from now on I’ll try not to use it much. Makes me really look forward to sunny and warm weather so I can hang things outside to dry. Line drying makes clothes smell so wonderful!!

Snickers was a bit of a pain last night. She sleeps all day, then is awake during the night. For some reason she seemed to think I should also be awake. I was just about to grab her and put her outside when she settled down. Needless to say I feel a bit sleep deprived today.

Hope all of you are doing well and have also gotten out of the deepfreeze. Does anyone remember when we used to call a freezer a deepfreeze. I suppose I’m aging myself when I say I sure remember. Just like going to college and being teased by my roommates when I called a load of laundry a ‘rubbing of clothes’.

Okay, I’m quitting for this time.


9 Responses

  1. The pictures are wonderful Connie. I love to birdwatch. Jim and I used to sit on the back porch in the summer and watch the finches. I remember when the freezer was called deepfreeze.

  2. Record cold most everywhere and that will line the utilities pockets. Gas dryer? You maybe eligable for bird food aid the way they are heading to your house! Glad the birdies can eat. Lucky you to have a wood stove and to bake in it, oh wow! I want a clothesline this year myself. Then the thought of ironing, well um uhh hmm. Rubbing of clothes I never heard of. Warsh yes but I\’m gitt\’in old.

  3. You have the same birds that I do. I use black oil sunflower seeds mostly but several times I switched it to a healthy mix for millet or milo etc. But back to the black oil. Oh gosh, I remember my grandmother say that..a rubbing of clothes BUT that does not date you at all. It simply says you are in the South (where you oughtta be!) I have some of her sayings, my grandma that is 🙂 but they have fallen into disuse.Which one is Snickers? Dog or cat?Those are outstanding pictures Connie. Please post more when you can. I love seeing who has which birdies.

  4. Thanks, Beth. We both enjoy watching the birds. Toodie, I think \’rubbing of clothes\’ goes back to a wash (warsh) board.And Carole, I feed black oil sunflower seeds…the birds seem to prefer that. As to being in the South…I\’m amazed at how many expressions I learned growing up in Ohio, that are considered southern expressions.Snickers is our old lady cat….the one with an attitude.

  5. Oh I love that we both have senior cats. Miss Catt is 12 snd she, while she does have a treated illness sometimes decides I need to be up and about attending her wishes.My dad taught me (by hearing him) warsh and rinch too. And "sut" for soot.

  6. When I sarted reading in here you says a freezing cold for over 25 years…then all the beautiful birds and your pets are well look after them that make you a very happir time though even the birds ate a lot of foods:-)This is a lovely blog Connie that I enjoyed read this very much, Thank you! Michiko

  7. I forgot says the photos are beautiful!

  8. Girl, it was great hearing from you. 🙂

  9. I love the pictures you were able to capture in film.Now I must say that I am thrilled that your dryer experiment is over. You are one tough woman to put your money where you mouth is.

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