Snow ….

There was a light covering of snow on the ground when we went to bed last night. Somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00 this morning I heard it start to rain…really sounded more like snow melting and dripping off the trees. Then before I got up it was obviously raining. I figured by then the snow would be gone. Surprised me to find we still had snow. The temperature was barely below freezing, but, thankfully the rain wasn’t freezing. Just mixing with the snow and making slush.

While Garry and I were having our morning coffee it started snowing. It was what Dana referred to as ‘chunky’ snow in one of her blog posts. Told Garry it was coming down in snow balls…for some reason he wouldn’t quite agree with that. I tried taking some pictures.   They didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. IMG_9759

It’s obvious that’s it snowing. This was taken out our back door. Not sure if this was through the glass, or if I held the door open for this one, as I did some both ways.

Also wanted to show you one of the bird feeders that was filled yesterday afternoon. The picture was taken about 10:01 am. I didn’t think to check it before dark. IMG_9761 Somehow I think it’s empty. We have a lot of birds eating at the feeders. Thursday, we need to run into town for more sunflower seeds. I have enough left to last until then. The birds bring so much enjoyment that I don’t mind at all having them eat so much. Wonder if we have so many because we live in the country without neighbors close who are also feeding them. Danny keeps 2 suet cakes out. No feeders. I think he wonders about me spending money on feed.

For those who have thought I was a bit crazy doing the no dryer experiment this winter…wanted to let you know I have a good reason to continue it indefinitely. A very good reason, as in not having to fold clothes. That sweet husband of mine has been folding our clothes. He’s up earlier than me and usually by the time I’m up they are all folded. All that needs done is to put them away. He even helps with that. So I’m saving electricity, $’s, and even my energy. Can’t beat that!!

Take care everyone!


7 Responses

  1. Lots of snow here too!! And more to come.I think you have a jewel of a husband. Jim always helped me too in the house.

  2. Oh my gosh, "popsicle feathers!" Thos flakes are big\’ins! Great photos you took.Birds are hungry this winter, lots of snow. He helps fold and even put away?Does he by chance do windows? LOL! Keep warm and enjoy the view. Soon it willbe Spring (please?).

  3. Beautiful snow pictures Connie. I love big flakes like that. Seems that you had far more snpow than we have but..the pattern is alike. Snow..rain..snow again. I got up awhile ago and see that is snowed lightly in the night. We STILL have snow from 2 weeks ago in some areas piled up!I am waiting on one of the boys to give me a hand with tying the clothes line and I have to go with a son to the lumber yard for a prop. (notched 2×4)My goodness..there is nothing like line dried clothes. I only get to do that with a few things on a sort-of garment rack out there.

  4. Thanks Beth Marie! Not too many call me a jewel.Garry

  5. Ijust love the pics, what HUGE flakes. I have a recipe for making suet cakes, I grow my own sunflower seeds for the birdies too, I just love watching them eat at their little feeders. It\’s so relaxing!

  6. love your methods of \’saving\’!!!

  7. Your pictures turned out good and the flakes are big, just beautiful. I\’ve thought about using the dryer less and start ironing again. My apartment has limited space for hanging clothes though. Birds do eat a lot and so entertaining to watch. Enjoy you snow and be safe and warm.

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