My apologies to…

….everyone who clicked on notification of my last blog to find it wasn’t there. Of course, that’s if you received a notification.  I composed it in Live Writer. Everything looked fine, previewed, still looked okay. Then when I published it, something strange happened to the 2nd butterfly picture. It moved up and partially off the page. So I deleted the blog and tried again. Moved the picture slightly, even took it off, then put it back. Again looked fine in preview…something changed during publish. Ended up doing that 5 times…the 5th and last time decided I would put text between the photos. That worked. Don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t.

Today was a different kind of day. Garry went with Darryl to look at a tractor. Three hour drive one way. They left at 8:30am and it was going on 4pm when they returned. Found I got a lot more done without him here. Don’t tell him that, he might decide he needs to leave more often, and I kinda like having him here. When he’s here, if he’s on the computer or reading I find it hard to keep on working around the house. After all I enjoy spending time on the computer or reading, too. Usually I do whatever is hollering the loudest, then join him. It did seem strange with him gone all day. That used to be our norm with him going off to work every day. I believe I much prefer our current norm with him being here.

I washed our sheets and towels today. Even used the dryer. I really don’t enjoy sandpaper towels, so tend to use the dryer for them year round. I decided a blanket needed washed, too, so that went into the dryer as well. I’d ask you all not to let Garry know, except I already told him. Besides he’ll be reading this. Just no keeping secrets from him.

We lost a lot of snow today. Can now see the ground in large patches. I didn’t check the temp this afternoon, it was possibly mid 30’s. We have a chance for sunshine for tomorrow. Oh, will that be welcome!!

The birds are still going through large quantities of sunflower seeds. I filled the feeders yesterday morning about 8 o’clock. By the end of the day one was empty and the other one about 1/3 empty. Or should I say 2/3 full??? These feeders are supposed to hold 5 pounds of seed. By about noon today, the other one was empty, so I filled them both. We think we have a lot more birds this winter than previous winters, not that the birds are eating a lot more. I took a video the other day of them coming and going from the feeder. Wish I knew how to put it onto here, as I’d love to share it. Definitely shows why the seeds are going so fast!

Time to go for this time. You all take care!


2 Responses

  1. Hello Connie. I have not been getting alerts for everyone like I am supposed to. Then for some odd reason I get three or four alerts for two people. I never really know who all is posting. I use my PSP for restoring photos. I don\’t like ruff towels either. I\’m spoiled. It\’s been a tuff winter for the birds. I\’m afraid the Bluebirds who stay maynot have made it through the cold this time. I\’m used to hubby home too, but I do get alot done when he is away. We still have snow and more to come by weekend. Take care.

  2. Your seeds are going even faster than mine. Mine hold 5 pounds too..but they are taking several days to eat them. I think we use the same thing, black oil sunflowers. Mine will last about three days. I can see the ground too. More ground than snow! 🙂

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