PhotoShop fun..

A little over two years ago I started learning how to use PhotoShop via online classes from HP and Sony. Or at least attempting to learn a little about it. Then I joined an online photo site and learned about OOB …out of bounds or out of the box. This fascinated me, so I had to try it. Here’s the first one I did. It’s not perfect…had already made it into a jpeg before I saw the problem.    


 This was a fun thing to do. Consequently I just had to try some more.


The picture above was used to make the one below. This photo worked quite well for the OOB effect.


 Then I wondered if I could put two pictures together…one for the background and the other for the OOB part. I felt there had to be a way, just wasn’t sure, so it took some experimenting. I used these two pictures:



The sunset was taken in Illinois and the gulls were taken at Padre Island.

This is the result of putting them together.  gulls-out-2a-copy 

Putting PhotoShop onto my new computer made me think of these and that maybe you’d enjoy seeing them.

Sure hope everyone has had a good week thus far. The colds and coughs the grandkids have had seem to have finally caught up with me. Nothing bad, just enough to be irritating. It hasn’t stopped me from doing what needs done around here.

I’m ready for an end to winter. We have 1 to 2 inches of snow on the ground. I know it’s nothing compared to other areas. We’ve been here 6 years next month and this is the coldest and snowiest winter in that time. Yesterday my 8 year old grandson told me he’s tired of the snow. This is from a kid who loves getting out and sledding. Perhaps the continual cold is part of the problem for him.

It’s bedtime for me, so I’m going. Take care everyone.


4 Responses

  1. The pictures are awesome. You did a beautiful job. That sounds like a lot of fun.Tell your grandson that I am sick of the snow and cold too. 🙂

  2. Oh what a great job you did on those photos. I love playing around with PSP too, but you are really good!No colds or flu here (knock on wood) sick of the snow an cold too. Indoor roller rink or movie sounds good eh?

  3. You did a super job. I never bothered learning any of the photo processing tricks and ways of doing anything. Too much like work I guess. 🙂

  4. Carole, it can be like work…depends on what you do. This particular effect was fun…I really enjoyed doing it.

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