Sunshine…wonderful sunshine!!

We have had 3 wonderful days of sunshine. I’m so ready for an end to the dreary cloudy days. Today is partly cloudy, enough sun to make me feel positive…even to doing some laundry and hanging it outside. Didn’t even need to wear a coat while hanging it up.

If you haven’t entered my son’s maple syrup giveaway, you still have a chance. He will be doing the drawing after he does chores in the morning. So that gives you the rest of today to enter, and probably up to 7:30am Monday. But, why take a chance, go here and enter now. Would sure love for one of you to win.

A week from today we’re taking off on our great adventure. The train trip to Oregon. It’s hard to believe the time is almost here. Garry and I are really looking forward to the trip. Plus looking forward to seeing our son and his family. Just wish they didn’t live so far away. Those girls NEED me closer, so I can spoil them properly with lot of hugs, snuggles and kisses…just time together doing whatever.

Our cats have been very content to be inside cats this winter. It started when Darryl’s family dog sat for some friends. The cats were fine the first week, then I noticed neither one was asking to go outside. Precious had beIMG_9794en like clockwork going to the door wanting outside. I tried taking them to the door, both would make it quite clear that was not what they wanted. It took me a bit to realize it was because of the dogs. Mostly because nothing changed for a week or better. The other cat (the grandkids cat) on the farm also started wanting to stay in about the same time…to begin with, he disappeared for a couple days. We think he was holed up in the garage or under their house. Talk about one sad family. Darryl commented he didn’t realize how much he liked that cat until he disappeared. Thankfully he (the cat) showed back up. And is now being spoiled quite royally.


Snickers in one of her favorite places…on the furry blanket. She will be 10 next Monday. I’m not sure she realizes she is a cat, other than being a super good mouser. Danny loves it when she’s out, as she catches mice in his chicken house…she’s very welcome there. Even though we’ve had Precious 6 years, or nearly so, Snickers still doesn’t accept her totally. Although, I have noticed with them being in so much lately, she’s not growling or hissing quite as much. And they do chase each other, usually when I’m trying to sleep and would rather not have cats thundering down the hallway. Oh well, we do enjoy them both.

Think maybe I better get busy. Have a lot to do around here in the next week. I was sick for a couple weeks, so am a bit behind in what I had hoped to accomplish. Had the worst cold and cough I’ve had in several years…won’t mind if I never have to deal with that again.

Have a great day!



4 Responses

  1. The cats are gorgeous! The ten year old looks so peaceful and sweet and I\’m glad that she, unlike my girl here, has someone to thunder with. I will not have just one kitty again. It\’s not fair to the cat to never have feline companionship. Mine thunders up and down the hall too but only when we chase one another. :-)The train trip (I remember your talking about it) sounds wonderful. I would love to do something similar and you all will have a wonderful time. Can\’t wait to hear about it when you come back.We also have had sun these 3 days. Today, it is mostly cloudy but like you, enough sun coming thru to make you happy. Rain starts again Wednesday for 6 days. As usual. 😦

  2. It has been rainy here all day and rain is in the forecast for most of the week. Aren\’t you glad you left Illinois? :-). The cats are beautiful and I can tell they bring you much joy.The train trip sound like such an exciting adventure!

  3. Enjoy your train trip. I\’ve always wanted to go on a LONG train trip, who knows one of these days I\’ll talk hubby into going somewhere far away, lol. HAVE FUN~ Sunee

  4. The cats are likes warm place aren\’t they? I used to have cat when I was a little girl her name is tiger because it look like tiger skin in his body and he likes outside and hunting flogs to eat…and just like the dogs he came with me walking my side. I have lovely memories of him.Enjoy the train trip.Michiko

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