Meeting an…. friend. Right after I posted on Facebook that we were going to Oregon, Lori BJ Scott said she wanted to meet me. The original intent was to meet at the train station in Portland, when we arrived. After realizing that with Craig, Cindy, and 3 little girls coming to pick us up, I probably would be wanting time with them, we changed plans. So on Tuesday after we arrived, Lori and her husband Larry drove to Salem. I’m so glad they were willing to make that drive. We met at the Starbucks in the mall where Craig works. Garry and I both enjoyed our visit very much. The worst part was I could barely talk that day, or maybe it was the best part, depending upon your point of view. Was very frustrating to me, that I know. I am very glad for the opportunity to get to know Lori better. She had mentioned on either Facebook or Spaces about making a summer quilt. What I pictured was just a lightweight quilt. It so happens she had one of the squares with her to work on…wish I had taken a picture of it. Each square is 2 pieces of fabric with no batting between that she crochets around with a beautiful lacy looking pattern, then they will all be crocheted together. I know, not a very good description. She does wonderful work and is making a quilt that I believe will be heirloom quality…it just has that look about it.

Here is a picture of the 4 of us. That’s Garry and me on the left and Larry and Lori on the right. We’re standing in front of a mural in the mall. Our son Craig took the picture.



We’ve been receiving rain the past couple days. We have really been needing it. Our area is close to 8 inches below normal. So far we’ve had nearly 3 inches of rain, which doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve made up 3 inches of the deficit. I’ve heard that it takes 10 inches for each one inch you’re behind to bring the water table back to normal. But no matter, our garden and the flowers are appreciating the rain.

You all take care!


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  1. I am so glad you made friend through the internet Connie, you and her had same hobby what a lovely idea:-)The picture is very nice it looks everybody happier, hope your friendships last long times. Take care,Michiko

  2. One of my most favorite folks in our blog family. I miss her blogs very much and miss contact with her here or on FB. So glad you got to meet her. Wish I could have met the both of you. 🙂

  3. Oh what fun to meet a space friend. Last year I met Patsy in WV and of course Stephen here in IL who lives right down the road from me now. The picture is great and the memories will last forever.

  4. Amazing how this world of internet is bringing so many people together that would otherwise never have met. Take Care Hugs Carrie

  5. Great picture. I have met like 3 internet friends so far. Fiz was great. Then I had a woman who flew from Seatle to Huston to meet with me. Won\’t mention who that was but she is gone now. She tried to buy a house behind mine and wanted to almost move in. The house deal fell through to my great relief. She had some pretty serious problems. Then i met a man who is a teacher and his wife. That was good and we still talk often. In fact during the Rita Huricaine he and his wife invited me and my grandkids over to stay at their house until repairs could be done on mine. I sent the kids out of state to visit relatives and stayed at my house but it was so kind of them. Glad it worked out good for you….Take care…..

  6. Thank you for visits, as you said the fresh grass and an Artifical turf are no comparison but the school childrens need to have physical exercise …. we are still on the water restriction No water in the lawns or wash the cars, only two days in a week 600am-800am in the morning not many people wanted water in the morning it most people are busy times and it has been for four years.Enjoy your weekend,Michiko

  7. Wishing Happy Mother Day to you and your family.Take care,Michiko

  8. GOOD morning Connie. Took till a week ago but FINALLY the hummingbirds came to MY feeder. They must have found another restaurant they liked and so they were slow to get here. I was looking at your old message on Twitter and yours were almost a month ahead of mine,. Time was, they showed up April 10th or so..lately, it\’s been at the end of April. I know from other friends they are in the area..just they weren\’t at my house. they are. 🙂

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