Beautiful morning

Oh, it feels so wonderful to have a break in the heat and humidity! I tried to not complain before, although, must admit it was beginning to get to me. Suppose 2 1/2 months of 90 or above temps nearly every day can do that.

We didn’t use the ceiling fan last night …seemed kinda strange to not have it on. Even felt the need to pull up the quilt on toward morning. Now I can get used to this.

Today I plan on putting some flowers into the ground. My poor flower bed looks so pitiful that I went out looking for something to give it some color. Came home with pansies. Also found some perennials marked way down that still look pretty decent, so maybe they’ll have time to become established so they can survive the winter.

Does anyone have Plumbago, also know as Leadwort? I bought one at a Menonnite Greenhouse late spring. She told me it was an annual, but from what I can find it is a perennial. My flower books lists it as surviving in zone 5. Since we’re zone 6, I have hopes for it. It has the most beautiful blue bloom. Plus it has done well even with the heat and dryness we’ve experienced in this area. I just might cover it with mulch to help it survive.  IMG_0861


IMG_0853Here’s a couple pictures of it. Since the blue didn’t really show in the picture of the whole plant I added the small one to give you an idea. I have just enjoyed this plant so much. Might have something to do with how much I like blue.

Before the day totally gets away from me I must quit. Have a great day wherever you are.


4 Responses

  1. It has been lovely weather the last couple of days. The heat and humidity this summer have been almost unbearable.The blue flowers are beautiful. I hope they overwinter for you.

  2. We must have the same weather patterns. I\’m in southeast TN> and we also had 60+ days pf 90 and above. It is so enervating and horrible. I am locked up tight in Face Book and the people I want to find me can\’t. Let me send you my real email address to search with it, in the email part here..and what are you called in Face Book? I can do a search for you.

  3. I\’m glad your weather is getting better? as you said tryed not complain about weather but these days more people are talking about unusuall weather….We having rainys weather for nearly four weeks but once in week had sunny day…The little blue flowers and pansies make you big smiles:-)Please take care,Michiko

  4. It was nice to hear that people said "A Beautiful morning" that I really waiting for one day:-)But few days time we can water in the garden "EVERYDAY"…thats I don\’t know about that…We need to plant some new things, plus we had enough rains…who wanted to water in the garden?Some regulations are doesn\’t make sense lol!Have a great weekend,Michiko

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