Short note

Still not sure if, or how much I’ll use this blog site. Especially since I’m not really in the habit of writing regularly. Yes, I could determine to change that. And, I just might. I compose lots of blog posts as I go about my day, just never seem to find time to actually type and post them.

Just discovered that I can have a full page for composing this, not just a little box. I like that. Now if I can just figure out how to enlarge the type. I’ve gone over all of the icons and not a one says a thing about font size. Just found it. 🙂 Now why would it be under paragraph?????  It appears to change an entire paragraph at once if the cursor is in it.  Perhaps it’d be best to just use Live Writer as much as possible.

Today was a beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. in the 60’s.


New Blog Home

Windows Live Spaces is going away. They offered to transfer all our posts to Word Press. Not sure how much I’ll be using this. In the meantime it’s a place for all my posts to be stored for a time. Thought that was better than losing them. I also have them all in a zip file on my hard drive.

When I have some more time I’ll try to figure out how to use this. Would like to dress it up a bit. 🙂

It’s bedtime, so I’m heading that way.