Short note

Still not sure if, or how much I’ll use this blog site. Especially since I’m not really in the habit of writing regularly. Yes, I could determine to change that. And, I just might. I compose lots of blog posts as I go about my day, just never seem to find time to actually type and post them.

Just discovered that I can have a full page for composing this, not just a little box. I like that. Now if I can just figure out how to enlarge the type. I’ve gone over all of the icons and not a one says a thing about font size. Just found it. 🙂 Now why would it be under paragraph?????  It appears to change an entire paragraph at once if the cursor is in it.  Perhaps it’d be best to just use Live Writer as much as possible.

Today was a beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. in the 60’s.


8 Responses

  1. I have found it easier to use live writer 11.

  2. I find as same as your problems Connie’s:-)
    We must try what Beth’s said…
    Big Hugs,

  3. Hi Connie just picking up a feed for you here as I am soon eleminating my account at Windows live. Hope all is going well with you..

  4. I had email from WLS to said 16th March they closed off ….It doesn’t matter to me nit much there anyway.
    But would be nice I can get transform my picture from there?
    Thank you for visits.

  5. I sure hope you keep on at least once a week. 🙂


  6. Hi Connie just wanted to wish you a Happy Spring. It has finally arrived here and the buds are bursting. But with spring comes gardening which is where I should be. Hugs Carrie

  7. Come on back and blog. Love to see you. xoxox

  8. Hi Connie,
    It was lovely to seen you on my space,I think that I can understand you are not blogging I guess once you are stopped it is very hard to started?
    But you can do to keep it up:-)
    Please take care!!

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