Hello again~

This blog has pretty much been forgotten. I have seriously been thinking about blogging again, so maybe this will ‘break the ice’.   Any recent blogging efforts have been on Blogspot. I use the term recent loosely, as it has been over a year since I posted on there. So perhaps it is time to get back to it.

My husband and I returned home a week ago from a trip to Oregon, down into California, across Arizona, New Mexico, into Texas and then home. We were gone for a month and 2 days. It was a very enjoyable trip. We spent time with our youngest son in Salem, OR. I enjoyed being able to ‘spoil’ those 3 precious granddaughters a little bit. Sure wish they lived closer to us. We saw a lot of beautiful country. And those mountains out west…wow, they are something. I have pictures I need to share. A lot them taken through a dirty windshield, but that’s the way it is. 🙂

Time is at a premium right now so I must quit. Will do better another time. AND I will try using Live Writer instead of doing it via WP.